Monday, July 6, 2009


confused mind

The older I get, I seem to be joining the confused, lost, unclear, perplexed, bewildered, forgetful, club of senior citizens! I don’t like it at all!!

At times, the grey cells seem to work just fine, and I can remember names I haven’t heard for years, sing the lyrics to songs I had forgotten, and recall very stupid facts like “what do you call a pregnant goldfish?” The answer in case you are interested is…oh my gosh, what the heck is it called….oh yeah….a twit!! Important fact to remember eh?

Why these useless things stay in my mind is a mystery to me, and things I should remember seem to have floated off somewhere into space, but not to worry, they will come back one day when the grey cells shift to make room for some other thing that will for some reason, stick in this shattered brain of mine.

I have two calendars that I work from. (I can hear Lauren laughing as she reads this! Lauren and I worked together and I think I had three calendars going at once then, and she could never figure it out and would tease me about it.)  So, I like calendars eh!! Is that called a Fetish??

So, this is what has happened. I had on one calendar on my computer, nothing but a specialist appointment on Wednesday the 8th. What? I don’t remember that , but these specialist appointments are made months in advance, so maybe I forgot and whatever we made it for is no longer a problem. My other calendar show’s nothing on that day EXCEPT my best male pal’s birthday. This male pal is my buddy John from Belleville, a great guy, with a special personality, and a heart as big as gold and full of kindness! Now my other calendar, shows Johns birthday is today!! Confusing eh, but remember… this is my mind working here!! The specialist appointment is from last year, I found out by calling the office!!

John and Marilyn

So today, which is the wrong day I phoned John in Ontario and belted out my Happy Birthday song to him when he answered. He laughs and tells me I’ve flipped my lid, which is exactly the problem!!

too many calendars

calendars calendar2

Anyway John, with my wonky mind, you still have to give me credit for having the right month!!

So, my friend, a salute to you on Wednesday, July 8th and a


birthday balloons and gifts

PS….present is in the mail!


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