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This is my wonderful little Panasonic Lumix camera, that goes with me everywhere. It fits in my purse, is fairly light, and I love it. It has a huge viewing screen in the back and many great features.

Every now and then, friends and relatives send me pictures, so I’m going to share them with you.

The following are from Shannon, my new found second cousin, who I am so glad we have connected.  She lives in beautiful Victoria, which I haven’t been to yet, but Tom say’s we will make a trip over for a few day’s this summer. It look’s so beautiful, over there!! I can see the mountains on the Island from here on clear days.

Victoria 1



victoria 5

The following pictures are from my cousin Dorothy, who read about my attempt at growing one, little tomato plant, in a pot, and trying to pollinate the flowers with an eyebrow trimmer that vibrates the flower spreading the pollen….or so I’ve been told. I have one tomato growing about the size of a walnut! Lots of blossoms on my plant and larger then yours Dorothy, so we will just wait and see who gets to eat the first fruit of our labor.

tomato plants fromDorothy

These are a few pictures my sister, Roxanne sent me of her and Kass. Nice photo and for once WITHOUT sunglasses!!! Yeahhhh!!! Cute couple!!


Nice photo of Roxanne and Kass Nephew Chris…………………………..Nephew Mike Jr.                      Brother Mike                          Sis in law, Wanda

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Little TJ, cute as can be and a personality to boot. A Maltese, and Roxanne’s baby! Look at that cute little crooked smile!


Send me photo’s and I’ll post them for the world to see!!

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