Tuesday, July 7, 2009


michael jackson's casket

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Gone too soon!

I don’t think there are many people in the world today that wouldn’t agree with me and feel bad about Michael Jackson’s passing.  We’ve lost a fantastic entertainer with amazing talent. He may have been weird in many way’s we can’t and will never understand, but maybe his oddness made him that much more entertaining to his many fans. After watching today’s memorial, it was plain to see he had thousands upon thousands and thousands of fans that loved him. I hope, wherever he is, (maybe sitting on that crescent moon, like Brook Shields mentioned in her speech today), I do hope he is looking down in amazement at what a star he really was to us all.

I can remember watching him do the moon dance for the first time on TV and how amazing it was, and how the talk at work the next day was full of wonder about his great talent.

It was a wonderful memorial to him today. Always so touching, and sad, and I, like everyone sat watching with a lump in my throat and at the end when his daughter tearfully talked about loving her Daddy…I lost it!

MJ and baby

Michael Jackson –Gone To Soon

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