Thursday, July 9, 2009


pink cadillac

Today, my friend Patricia and I went out to play. We decided to go to the Quay, in North Vancouver and see what is new.P1050788Not a great picture, from outside, but we had the inside with the shops to look at, so never really got outside to enjoy the weather too much.  This is my friend Patricia.


We went for lunch at an English Pub and ate, chatted and laughed.


two old ladies having lunch I can’t believe I’m posting these following pictures!!! We found a hat shop, and this hat I had to try on. I felt like if a wind came along, I could fly! I didn’t need a broom!!


Ohhh nooo!!! We had to try on wigs!!! We almost got talked into a buy one, get one half price!!  No Patricia, I like your own hair better!!



P1050792Tom looked at this picture and said if he woke up beside me, wearing this wig, he’d ' be out of bed in a hurry!!  Humph!!!

Actually, this is a clip on, and boy does it clip on, even with my thin hair. But they dye it to match my own hair which is not dyed, so they’d have a hard time matching it they said, but what they do is attach it, and then, shape it to curl in with your own hair style, so it’s not noticeable as a wig or a “rug”. It’s human hair, so it can be washed and curled. Only $250.00. I think not!!



P1050791 So the two old ladies had a few giggles and good chatter. Then we went for a coffee to rest our sore feet, and then to the grocery store to replenish the fridge. A fun day!

two old ladies 2

Now to change the subject and show you my tomato plant.

How about this Roxanne and Dorothy!!


A little blurry, but look at those tomato’s coming along!!!



 Just a picture of a golden ship passing through. I thought it was the sun shining on it, making it gold, but Tom said it’s  red leaded. Looked pretty coming in.



So, that was my day! My grandson called me, and that is a big highlight of the day for me!

Also, Tom is doing well after his quad bi-pass, however having another problem with passing kidney stones, which is terribly painful!! The poor guy has had one horrible year!! He’s on pain pills and everything else they could give him to make him comfortable until they pass, but they didn’t show up on the CT scan as they are like grains of sand, and too small to show up, but he sure can feel it!! So, he hasn’t been about to enjoy good health after his heart surgery. I hope things change soon!! It’s very hard on us both!

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