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Sorry, everyone that I haven’t been blogging lately.Some day’s are just not really exciting ones and I have nothing to blog about, no new pictures to show you, and I’ve been just plain old lazy!

Last week….more doctor appointments for Tom. Same old problem, but now with different antibiotics. So far, no sign of the infection in one of the tubes in his groin, leaving at all. It’s a wait and see until he finished the prescription and then the next step…possible surgery…if there is no improvement. It’s slowing down a little but wakes with the pain through the night.

Another visit to the Cardiologist, and it was all thumbs up there! Wonderful news. He doesn’t have the shortness of breath, he’s outdoing me with his walking, and raring and ready to go!

A wonderful change!!

We went to Memphis Blues in North Van for ribs right after the heart doctors appointment, and wondered with shame what the doctor would think if he saw us in there eating. We ordered 1 order of ribs and when it came, it looked like half a pig! The portion was heaping and we ended up taking it home with it in a doggy bag, and have had two more meals with it since! Delicious!

The Harmony Festival continues just down the street and will go until Aug. 9th with lots of entertainment going on. Sarah McLaughlin is in concert in the Park as well as a few other’s with big names and talent. We’ll have to see that!!

I got new runner’s today…how’s that for a news flash? My other one’s are still wearable, but because of my long ONE toe, next to the big toe, I have a horrible time with a proper fit, and vanity made me not go that one extra size, as my feet looked like clodhoppers, so I thought I could manage. I couldn’t! Every step hurt like heck once I got into a fast trot, as my toe rammed up against the shoe. I’d be left with such sore toes after, that even the bed sheets touch them, made me winch! So, now, I have no excuse to get out there walking. If you see me…no fair laughing at my big feet!!

60th birthday

Happy 60th birthday to Kass!! I think there is a big birthday party going on in St. Catharines, either tonight or tomorrow! Wish I could be there!!! Have a good one Kass!!

To John, Eva and Christina

Saying goodbye to their wonderful dog Koko!

Having lost our 17 year old cat last year, I know what all of you are feeling now.

Our Sympathies!!!

rainbow bridge

Well, that’s the blog for tonight. I’ll try to take more pictures on our travels tomorrow. It’s suppose to rain here tomorrow, which is REALLY needed! I have never seen dead grass in Vancouver since I’ve been here! The forest fires are still raging, and the news tonight is they may burn until the snow comes….if it comes….the weather is really weird!

have a good weekend

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