Saturday, August 8, 2009

SINFONIA and Concert in the Park


The Harmony Arts Festival continued today in West Vancouver and what a treat to have a free concert!

Each day of the festival, brought a different outdoor concert, and today, what a treat to hear the Symphony by the Sea with the professional orchestra of classical music by Sinfonia.

You can’t beat an outdoor concert by the water on a beautiful afternoon, with beautiful classical pieces by Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven and many more of the great composers. Tom, is really the one who loves classical music, and I’m discovering that me, the great lover of ZZ Top, and Bob Segar and Rolling Stones, is developing a great love of  classical music as well. How could I not, when you have a fantastic conductor, Clyde Mitchell, who draws the audience in with little tidbits of interesting information about who wrote these great pieces, and makes the concert fun with his sense of humour as well.

Did you know that Fryderyk Chopin wasn’t French, like most everyone thought? He was Polish, but lived and died in France and when he died, they brought some Polish soil to cover his casket, so he’d have a little of his homeland with him. This year also commemorates his birth which is 1810. Little stories like this gave the concert an extra wonderful touch.

The little girl who is in the production of Annie, began the show with “OH CANADA” and what a beautiful voice!! Then she came out dressed as Annie with her little dog and sang “Tomorrow”.


What a treat this was!


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Quite a large crowd! Lot’s of things going on in John Larson Park. It looked like rain all day, but not a drop fell.


I went up to ask the Conductor who displayed a very good knowledge and love of the composers and the music he directed, if the story, I just read about Henry VIII, who claimed to have written, Greensleeves was true or false!

Now, I know….it’s False!

A nice fellow took my picture with him!

SINFONIA, the Orchestra of the North Shore, has a concert series beginning in October, and I’m going to go to the website later and get tickets. I think it’s an evening out, we’d both enjoy.


  This is my Honey, waiting for me!


 I can never get past a beautiful flower display without taking a shot with my camera!


Another picture I took the other day, as we got gas, was this one of a car rally, and I thought I’d remember the names of these little cars, and I think they are called TIGERS, old as 1963 to 65. Made by ?….my memory is SHOT!!

P1060004 P1060005

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