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Update on my green thumb, which grew this ONE tomato I’m proudly displaying. My one tomato plant has been the topic of conversation and much teasing all summer long, as I gave this plant as much attention as a new born baby! I bought the best soil, and gingerly planted the little plant shoot. I watched it like a mother hen, being careful to keep it watered, fed it with fertilizer, and because of the lack of bee’s to spread the pollen, I went out with Tom’s electric eyebrow clipper and vibrated each and every  little yellow flowers. Sounds crazy, but a friend told me it works, so carefully out on the deck, as the sun sunk into the horizon, I was on my hands and knees vibrating the many little blossoms and singing it a little song as I visualized the bumper crop I was going to have.

Then disaster struck. my pedestal pot that held my little creation, was caving in and was starting to fall over, so I tied it up, but every time I watered, the soil would fall out and land..probably on the deck below!


This doesn’t show the pedestal base but look at that healthy plant!! Wow, and look what those vibrated blossoms turned into…little green tomato’s!!! I’d be sharing with the neighbours soon and laugh in the face of those that laughed at me!!

I grew tomato’s and lots of them! But…another big problems came along. I had mites on my plant!


 So, out I go armed with soap and water spray and soaked them day and night to kill the critters! When I blew this picture up, you could really see them. After a few days, I thought I had won the war. In fact, there in the middle was one very red little tomato!! I picked it, and my heart sunk!! It was rotten!!!

I decided to chuck the whole project and not give it any water, wait until it died and put the whole thing into a big garbage bag and throw it out!

After a few day, it wilted before my eyes. But, I just couldn’t give up on it yet, so out came the watering can and a good soaking and up it popped, looking healthy again, but until tonight, my heart was no longer in growing my own tomato plant until I walked past it tonight and low and behold,there was another lovely red and healthy looking tomato! That’s the tomato I’m holding in the above picture… pride and joy. (Disregard the wrinkled neck on me, please!!)


More are on the way!!

P1060082Tom waiting for them to ripen!! 


green thumb

I’ve got a green thumb!!

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