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No, not a Subway Restaurant, but the Vancouver’s First Underground/Over ground Subway. Can you imagine the city of this size has been without a underground train until now?

It’s called the RAV Line (Richmond Line Vancouver) and it goes from Vancouver’s Waterfront Station to the Vancouver Airport. Three years in the making and quite an accomplishment and a pain in the ass for many merchants who lost their business’s, due to unavailability in reaching their place of business, as construction on their street with the huge big grinder working it’s way through the stones and moving earth at their front door.

It opened last Monday and ridership was free, so today, off we go on another of our day adventure’s to go check it out

One thing surprises me to no end about this city, is the honour system is used to ride both the sea bus and the RAV line. Meaning, many dishonest people ride for free! Nobody checks, and I wonder how they can afford to pay for this thing!


This is the picture as we are leaving the airport, as I didn’t have the camera out going to the Airport. There where a few people with suitcase’s that where actually using it for the purpose intended – to catch a flight. The majority of the rider’s where curious people like us, who wanted to see what the fanfare was about. Of course, with me coming from Ontario, and having rode the Toronto Transit often for year’s, it wasn’t a really big thing.


This is some native Indian Art, that is displayed in many places of the Vancouver Airport and lovely to see! Neat wall below with plants growing out of it.


The entrance to YVR, and the inside. We where in the International Side here.

P1060109 P1060111 P1060112

This is beautiful and made out of pure JADE!!


This huge owl was just installed last week, and was still being worked on.

P1060133 P1060134 P1060135

So, we went for a hamburger at the many eatery’s at the airport, and walked around, wishing we where going someplace too. It would have been more exciting if we had!!

Tom and a whale! Or is it a dolphin??


More native art….the piece on the right! There’s that horrible neck again!!

P1060128What a happy couple!!!


P1060120 P1060124 P1060122

We watched the planes coming and going, as we wished……..

Then we caught the train back to Waterfront Station. We where above ground for a few stations.


Looks like a huge roller coaster!

P1060140 Here we go underground!! We sat right in the front seats!! No driver on this subway!


Now, we are travelling at great speed underneath the city of Vancouver and under the Fraser River. This could be claustrophobic.


This is the Water Taxi coming in to take us back to the North Shore.

P1060150I took this picture below, from the door of the Water Taxi, looking toward West Vancouver, where we live, somewhere in one of those high rises.

P1060151Off the Water Taxi and we are at Lonsdale Quay, where I went off to buy some delicious corn on the cob, while Tom waited outside and people watched. The Quay, is a market filled with little shops, and food places, to either eat or buy produce. I love coming here!


We caught the bus home from the Quay and had a man accidently fall into my lap, as the bus driver pulled away too fast from the station. Tom and I and this man and his wife, had a good laugh, they had a wonderful sense of humour and we chatted for quite awhile. They came from Switzerland, and I wish we would have had more time to chat with them. Nice people!

The whole trip from the time we left home, cost us only $3.75 for transportation, and great transportation at that!

A nice day, a fun and interesting trip and what delicious corn we had for dinner!!

Correction: Tom read the blog, and apparently I stand to be corrected. The new subway is NOT called the RAV line, it's called CANADA LINE!

Beats me...I keep reading about the RAV line!! Are my eyes and mind not reading correctly? Guess not!!!

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