Monday, August 24, 2009



These are for you, my faithful readers, and those that just pass by for a quick look at something that popped up on Google. But these are for YOU!

Today was a  mostly uneventful Monday, except for a few things.

1. A wonderful person from France has been writing and helping beyond belief, with the Genealogy search for my father’s side of the family with scads of information. He’s friendly, extremely helpful and just a wonderful person, and thank God, he speaks and writes English! Thank you Fabrice for ALL your help, and I hope we pass back and forth not only letters of family but friendship as well.

2. We went to Horseshoe Bay to the doctors and all is well. We both live to see another day or two!  Just some problem in my shoulder’s, probably arthritis.

I took a few pictures on the way home  from Horseshoe Bay to Ambleside to share with you.


Above and Below is taken from the upper road out of Horseshoe Bay, looking down on the beautiful scenery.


How wonderful to own your own little island!!




Walking along the side of the road, I felt my heart do a few little skips as little unknown creature scurried out of my way, and rustled the grass I was walking in.


3. Tom and I went out for lunch and stopped into  our favourite spot, The Library for a little read of the newspapers.

4. I finished a wonderful book,The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent

So, if looking for something good to read, this is it!!

The Heretic's Daughter

5. I had a good snooze

6. Made an easy dinner, and now soon going to head to my favourite spot.


That’s it….to the tub, my bath , a new book and a nice cup of hot water with lemon in it!!! Another good day that went by too quickly.

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