Wednesday, September 9, 2009


sad lotto face

Well, somebody out there didn’t do me a favour and cross their fingers for me and make a wish, that I’d win the lotto house! I had everything I could crossed and as they pulled the name out of the drum, my face went like the one above! So much for the power of positive thinking!

The woman who won it, was on holidays in Spain, and her daughter called, in what would be the middle of the night in Spain, with the news. Lucky lady!! Sad Linda!


I haven’t given up yet!! We have a ticket on another house!

whiterock lotto

Darn, it cut off the house on the top, but  it’s a beauty, overlooks the ocean,and comes furnished and with a car, for a total worth $1.9 million!!


Second Prize is this:

False Creek Condo

Or….cars, cars, cars!!!

The draw isn’t until October, so I think I have as much fun, just dreaming about winning, and I can’t dream without buying ticket eh?

Hmmm, they are saying on the news right now, that we are in for a warm and wet winter in Vancouver and with the Winter Games in Feb, of 2010, it’s not a great thing. El Nino is at it again and they say is much stronger! Not good!! I don’t know what that means to people in Ontario. More rain, or SNOW??

Also, on the news is that the Grizzly Bears are starving because there is no salmon!! I’m still on this salmon rant!! We had a great rain last night, so we took a walk down to the river to see if the fish are making their way upriver, but only a few were jumping. They are finding more dead grizzlies and black bears instead!! The fish population is very down to scary proportions and the Ministry can’t figure it out!

To further keep you up to the news as it happens….as this very moment the Norwegian Pearl, cruise ship is just sailing by my window. We will be on that ship in a couple of weeks, on a cruise. However, this is just a fun overnight little venture. For $130 each, we take a bus from Canada Place, ride for two and a half hour, to Seattle. Get on the cruise ship, which has everything from a bowling alley to a rock climbing wall (neither of which we will use), but it has oodles of other things to do and food everywhere!!! Not only that, but we have a balcony suite!!! We spend all day and night on the ship, with a night entertainment show also, and we reach Vancouver at 10am the next day. A fun little adventure!!

I’ve already been warned……”Linda, we need one small, pull along suitcase, the size of a carry-on!” ……I can do that!!! But, I’ll need a huge purse for extra’s!!

stuffed suitcase1

Well, it’s supper time and time for me to go.

Goodbye, I'll miss you


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