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I’m wishing and wishing with all my might, which included, crossed fingers, toes, arms, legs and even my eyeballs, that tomorrow night, Tom and I win this home lottery, held by the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), which is the same as our CNE in Ontario!


It’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, and FURNISHED with beautiful furnishings, and I’ve had a virtual tour of the inside and WOW!!!

So with the power of the force, maybe some of you will wish along with me and if we win it, you can come for a visit, however…..not to Vancouver, but the interior of BC in Kelowna, where it will be moved to after the draw.

But….we also have a ticket on another house or a condo, in Vancouver, with the draw October 29th. So, if my wishing doesn’t work on this one, then I have longer to wish harder on the next draw!

I haven’t been blogging lately and beginning to get complaints that I have been keeping a certain person from being able sleep without reading my blog first. First I was flattered, then it hit me that she uses my blog for a sleeping pill!! Is it that boring?? (Just a jab at you Di!)

Tom bought himself a iphone the other day, and I don’t see him much anymore as he sit’s in front of the computer learning how to use the computer on the phone! He’s busy installing the hundreds of applications, many free, some you pay for, but he’s enjoying himself, and quite taken with it, so, it’s true…men love’s their toys!

Another thing we’ve been doing is watching for the salmon returning to the Capilano Fishery, where they began their journey to the sea, and then come back to lay their eggs and then die. Such a tragic ending eh?

We went for a trip to the Fishery the other day, which is a beautiful place.


The fish travel up the river (more about that later), and they are directed before a large dam, through these steps, shown below, jumping up each step of way, into a sort of holding tank where the are stripped of their eggs. After that, the salmon just seem to fall apart and their carcass are thrown into the river for environmental reasons, one being to feed the wildlife.

Below, show’s the steps they follow to get back to where they began their journey from. It’s quite a leap to get up each step! Quite amazing really!! They are so darn quick, I had a hard time catching them in the jump!

There is two on the bottom ready to leap!


Some after they have finally reached the top!

Some pretty big ones there!!

P1060656 P1060659 P1060662

The eggs are collected and this little shows what the eggs look like and how they grow over days, until when a little bigger they are again released and down they swim to the sea to return again in the Fall for their amazing journey through life…and death.


Such a beautiful place to visit!



A display showing the different types of salmon


Also, the equipment to catch them if a fisherman!


Now, comes the problem about all this for this year!! Vancouver, has hardly had any rain at all this summer and the river the salmon have to swim up to return to the hatchery is dry!! Bone dry!!! The woman in the little store at the hatchery, was telling me that they need 3 days of good hard rain to be able to have enough water to swim up. She said, that if we went out following a good day or so of rain, we’d see the water dancing with jumping salmon. So, Tom and I have been going down each day after a bit of rain to see how the salmon are faring. Well….not so good!! One day there was a small bit of water on one side of the river that had opened enough for them to try but unsuccessfully to jump over the rocks to open water beyond. Now all this is on Native Indian land, and of course they are able to fish as much as they wish, and oh boy….they sure where doing just that!


Many Native Indians, practically scooping them out of the small bit of water they became trapped in.

To me this just seems all wrong!!

They are being cleaned by the shore and the fish guts thrown back for the seagulls to feast on.


I admit, there is much I don’t understand about this whole process, but it’s just that I can’t help feeling so sad for these poor fish, and all they’ve been through, dodging bigger fish, bears and cougars and every other predator. To almost make it to their final destination and poof….caught, gutted and supper for some table without even being able to lay their eggs. Maybe I’m comparing them to carrying a baby for 9 months, as crazy as that sounds, it’s probably deep inside me that it’s TRUE!

Then it also burns me that these Native Indians need to take so much from nature, and boy, do they TAKE!! As many and as much as they can. GRRRRR!!!!

Anyway, there is your little nature lesson for this blog as well as my little rant about it!!

I’m now going to bed, but first, will go look for a star to make a wish on!!


(I’m using the power of positive thinking and sending it to the Universe! I AM WINNING THAT HOUSE!”

You will hear more after the celebration tomorrow!!

Nighty night and sleep tight Dianne!!

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