Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm back

I’ve been told, I’m taking too many day’s off, in not doing the blog! It seems to get put on the back burner, too frequently lately eh?

Some day’s there is just nothing to write about, or to show you pictures of, or, more then likely, I’m either to busy with other things, or extremely lazy.Chose whichever one you like!

I just hear on the news, the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!! Submarines from Russia spotted a few times near Quebec, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. I wonder what is up now?? I should be like my daughter, who NEVER watches the news on TV, or read’s the newspaper. I asked her why, and she said, “It’s nothing but bad news, or things to worry about and I have my own bad news to deal with, so, why make myself even more stressed  with my own everyday life then turn around and listen to more bad news?” She may be right!!

Well, to ease up my stress, or maybe to add to it…my favourite TV show has begun another season!! I’m in a pool where we pick out two people to win the final game,and after watching it last night, it’s going to be a difficult guess!


Today, we had our monthly fun lunch with our friends, Bill, Dianne, Doug and Tom and I. Every month one of us has to pick a different restaurant and off we go for not only good food, but good fun company and much conversation! I think my tongue wags more in a few hours with these people, then what I would speak in an entire week!!

Today, it was Italian food at Antoine's Pasta Bar. We all came home toting doggie bags, but Tom and I just now, agreed to skip eating the leftovers for supper, as we are still too full of food!


Then we ended up in another part of Vancouver at another Italian only store called “Bos.”

We bought some other interesting and different little food items.

Then, off to European Meats, where again, we bought some extra’s to fill up the fridge, and I forgot to mention, that before we met for lunch, Tom and I went into a fabulous little pastry shop and bought some bread and other goodies!

Ohhh my waistline grows!!!


This was Dianne’s little note to me about skipping too many blogs.



Do you remember reading some of the old English novels where the heroine would say "I have to take to my bed".  Generally she would say that because she was unwell, either physically or emotionally.  Well guess what...... "I have to take to my bed"!  No blog in so long I am feeling unwell - you can pick the cause, physically or emotionally.  Come on girl, give me a break.  I need all the beauty sleep I can get!!!

What I’m not sure about, is does she mean, she needs to read the blog before bed, because it put’s her to sleep? Yawn, Yawn!!

Hmmm Dianne, I forgot to ask you that today!!

Anyhow, sleep well tonight my dear friend!


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