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Norweigian Pearl Ship 

What a deal and a grand little weekend venture. For $130.00,  a relaxing and fun bus trip to Seattle, then boarding the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship the same morning and spending until the following morning aboard this huge, beautiful cruise ship. Fabulous meals, great service and sharing the fun with two good friends, Tom and I had a great time!

Not much fun getting up at 4 am, to be down at the Port by 6 am, but who cared…it was all fun!

Beautiful Seattle with the Space Needle in the distance.



BOARDING AT LAST! Here comes Patricia and Lillian


Morning and drinking already!!

P1060828Looking around the pool area. It became FULL of passenger’s using the pool, hot-tubs and eating, drinking and having fun!

P1060829One of the many pools to cool off. It was a beautiful warm day. Look at that fun slide!

P1060835Our room which with the balcony was a dream! So nice at night with the patio door open and hearing the water as we moved through with the ship, and fresh air, not air conditioning. Loved it!!

Tom and Linda's CabinTight quarter’s for the bathroom, which also had a shower on the other side.

bathroomThen we checked out some places on the Pearl. Tom catching his breath, Lil and Patricia checking the map, and the Library

P1060841 P1060842 P1060847

The spa and exercise rooms….one place we looked at for 2 minutes…let’s get out of here!! 

P1060850 P1060854 P1060856

Another one of the 13 bars and lounges onboard, including a casino, cigar club, and 11 various theme restaurants. Below, is an incredible glass blue sculpture.


Three gals having fun, Tom watching Seattle slip by, and one of the hallway of shops,that don’t open until the ship is moving, and then it’s hard to move in there!!

P1060866 P1060862 P1060869

I think we are beginning to move! The promenade deck (inside, with nice little window seats to look out if a cool day.

P1060860 P1060870 P1060927

We are in a Lounge called BLISS, and sure had a few laughs in here. Below, the bowling alley



Cute bowling ball!!P1060872


Wow, this bar and lounge called BLISS has the most relaxing lounge, I’ve ever seen!!


Very funky furniture and beds to lounge and snuggle on.Very different!!




P1060881 The Summer Palace where we dressed up for dinner. An opulent main dining room, dazzles with white and gold trim ceilings and 24-caret gold coated chandeliers. Beautiful place!


Girls having fun again and a little mischievous!! 

P1060887 P1060888 P1060891

P1060892 P1060894 P1060897

This was truly a beautiful room, the pictures on the wall are beautiful and the food delicious. We ate our dinner right at this table by the window on the right. Tom was checking out another window seat.

P1060895  P1060900P1060918

P1060949 P1060952 P1060951

  Good friends, great conversation and many laughs!

P1060954 After dinner, we went to the entertainment. This is the theater, and the screen, but I was not allowed to take pictures in here. A fabulous show, with dancers and a high wire act that was incredible. Of course Tom with his charm was hoping of taking one of the show girls home! But, by this time, he was getting just a little tired to be serious!!

P1060913 P1060912 P1060956

We are being tailed by another ship,and now it’s going to pass us! It’s The Amsterdam, the ship we went to Antarctica on!! Hellloooooo…..remember us???

P1060917 P1060924 P1060923

Before the next day, as we arrive in Vancouver and the sun raises into the morning sky, we have had much to eat, went to many events on the ship, lost money in the casino,and stayed up way beyond our bedtime. What fun! We are sailing into  home!

P1060957 P1060962  P1060973

P1060980 P1060967 P1060983

More cruise ships in port, getting ready for their last week of coming to Vancouver to take many lucky people away to luxury living, meeting new friends, gaining extra pounds and experiences and seeing great adventures.


Meanwhile…our adventure and fun have come to a close, as we devour our last breakfast on board the Norwegian Pearl. It was great fun, but we are all weary, exhausted and planning on going home for a snooze!

enjoying last breakfast


  1. Thank you so much Linda for sharing this with us. You are living such a full and adventurous life.

    For many of us, this will be the only way to experience such beauty and excitement. I am happy that you love to take pictures.

    Love you lots, Sandy

  2. Hi Linda,

    My husband and I are going on the Pearl this coming January for our honeymoon.

    Thanks so much for all your information on the ship and great photos!
    You seem to have such a wonderful zest for life!
    Good for you!

    We can't wait to go on honeymoon now!

    All The Best,
    Amy from Sydney,Australia.


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