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Halloween right side spider web

halloween corner spider web

Halloween ghost




It’s that time for the goblins and spookies to come out again, and as usual, I wonder where the year went!

Halloween trick or treaters 


I never was a huge Halloween fan….at least until I was too old to go out door to door and collect all that delicious candy that was so different from the stuff they give out now.  I can remember when my sister and two brothers and I would come home, exhausted and so thirsty from running as fast as we could, to trick or treat at every house we could, in almost a race to make our bags full and almost too heavy to carry, which then, was time to go home, exhausted!!!What a relief to get those fabric stiff masks, they use to make, finally off our face, which by this time was soaked from sweat, and saliva as we licked our dry lips through that little hole for a mouth.

We’d dump our haul out in different piles, on the floor and then set aside all the good stuff, like the homemade fudge, and the popcorn balls, and fresh baked cookies wrapped in pretty coloured cellophane, as this was the goldmine of the pile! The apples, we throw into another pile to discard, (or give to mom for applesauce), not because we where afraid of razor blades, but just because who would eat apples for treats when we had every sweet in front of us to make our life a happy place! Those little chocolate bars sold today; heck, they where the size of a normal chocolate bar you pay over a dollar for now!! Not to mention we didn’t fear that our candy was tampered with by evil minds.

Then, the trading would go on, between us kids…I’ll give you two of these for that  one of yours!!! Then, that statement from Mom, or Dad, we knew was coming very soon “Okay kids, one more candy and then you have to put them away and go to bed!” Aw Shucks!!!

Halloween stream of jack o lanterns

It was a fun time back then, but I have one Halloween, that stands out as the best and most memorable Halloween of my entire life.

This is me on the left and my Grandson Brad, when he reached that age, where he just felt too embarrassed to go out, yet was feeling a little bad about growing too old to now miss this fun night.

Brad and Grandma on Halloween

Halloween side witch So with much persuasion, I got him to agree to let’s make this a special occasion and just go have a fun time. We got ourselves dressed up, in what we had and out we went. I had on a rubber mask which was extremely hot and there was a facial steam bath going on under it, and I had tiny little pinholes to look through. I had to depend on Brad to lead me from stumbling over steps and banging into walls. But, he had the most fun, doing just that! He’s walk me under low hanging branches, and would bend over with laughter at my wig falling off, and me crawling around trying to find it again. He’d tell me there were a steps or two to climb, when there was none and I’d be taking big high steps, as I heard his giggle!!He’d tell me there was a doorbell to ring and place my gloved  finger on a screw on the door jam and I’d press it, and he’d be in hysterics when I’d push it over and over again, and complain when nobody came to the door. We laughed ourselves silly that night, as arm and arm, on and on to each door we’d trick or treat. Me, using a high pitched voice, in case I was recognized…as if!!

It was a night I’ll never forget and when Brad told his Mom the next day, that it was the best Halloween, he ever had, I nearly cried…it certainly brought a tear, because I had made a wonderful memory between us both, that will last our lifetimes. Halloween for him and his hopefully long life, will always bring back this memory of us and this night back for him.

halloween flying witch

I have most of my pictures of my Grandchildren at home, but a couple I’m proud to show you. These is Erin and Sarah, my cute Granddaughters at different ages. I hate to say, that living in Vancouver and with them in Ontario, I’m regretting so much, not being able to be making memories with them as well. We miss out on so much!

My little Harem Girls, and then the Beatniks!!!


 The wicked witch and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.    My daughter Erin, as Methuselah, and a head full of snakes!!

Hallowen_o8-1Hallowen_o83 Halloween monster

I have another Grandson, Matthew who is now 20, and I have many memories of him in his Power Ranger costume, his Superman with flowing red cape outfit and his Pirate outfit, complete with the toy swords he loved, but no pictures here in BC for me to show you! But, they are very vivid in my memory, and how I  loved to watch how excited he would be…just like my brothers and sister used to be when we where of that age.

Halloween for me now is so different…and so it should be, but I mean, in a very different way. Back in Belleville, we’d get a hundred or so kids, knocking at the door, and it was fun to see the little ones. Now, we live in on the 7th floor in a security building, and I can just look over the balcony now and see them toddling down the street, and hear the excitement as they race door to door. But, another very different custom here is the fireworks!! It’s a firework crazy night here, with whizzer’s and bangers and bright sprays of colour lighting up the sky everywhere you look! It’s great until about bedtime, but when it continues well into the wee hours of the morning, with the older “FOOLS”, still out, cavorting and likely causing problems, then Halloween and fireworks becomes not so much fun anymore. We just get to sleep and BANG!!! It happens over and over again!! BANG! “curse”, BANG!, “curse!!!” That’s me doing the cursing!!!

Halloween pumpkin and candle

Have Fun Kids, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Onward HO….


santa waving


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