Sunday, November 1, 2009



It’s a quiet Sunday, and I just looked at the clock and it dawned on me that we forgot to set back our clocks for day-light saving. I may even have time to slip in a wee snooze when I finish this.

Halloween went by in it’s usual noisy way with the fireworks here in Vancouver. I was so excited the first year I came here and now find them a pain in the butt, especially when some idiot must of set his alarm clock at 3 am to set of the biggest ‘boomers’ you can imagine. He had to wake the neighborhood for blocks around, but I doubt if anyone bothered to get out of bed to see his display…who cared!!

These few pictures, we took yesterday on our daily walk. We came across these cute little ones out with their costume’s ready and set for trick or treating.

A cute little bee outfit. Look’s like TJ!!


Another little stinger. Stuck his tongue out at me!!!



We went out today also, but just to Tim Horton’s for some of their new French Onion soup, which I don’t recommend!! The stuff out of Lipton’s is much better!!! Big disappointment, as usually TH’s is pretty darn good.

Another big disappointment, I’ll tell you about and save you from spending money on it, is that CHOP, CHOP, gadget they advertise on TV, that they promise will make your life wonderful! Ha!!! It show’s how easily it can chop vegetables, and fruit. Well, that damn thing couldn’t chop a onion at all!!! I ended up cutting it much faster with a knife, then I could even wash the stupid piece of junk out!!

I can tell you about something that wasn’t a disappointment and it’s this book.

Potato Peel Pie Society

It’s not the type of book I normally would read but it came highly recommended by many people, so I gave it a go.

The characters of this book come alive through a series of letter’s to each other, in 1946, after the German occupation of the Island of Guernsey, during WW11. I fell in love with how witty and charming they all were. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two evenings in bed, well into the wee hours of the morning. The character’s adventures are hilarious, interesting and also heartbreaking. They made me laugh, smile and almost cry. It’s beautiful and touching!

Also the author died before she could finish the book and her niece finished it for her. They wrote a best-seller! It took me ages to get it from the reserve shelf in the Library!

Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter Erica who has a 15th birthday today!

I miss you Sweetie and would love to have a piece of birthday cake with you and hug you close!!

I wish you a wonderful and fun year!!

Keep checking the mailbox, it will be there soon!!

birthday post office

That’s it folks…see you next time! It’s ZZZZZZ’d time for an hour!

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