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Today, it’s pouring rain and has been all last night and all day today. Yesterday, was the opposite, warm, sunny and a marvelous day to be touring around part of Stanley Park in Vancouver.

I promise you no close up of birds!!

Some happy monster trees with smiling faces! Cute!!


I’m kind of partial to this picture. Too bad the ships, wouldn’t show up better, but I love the tree!!

I quickly took this pictures as we where driving, as too many impatient people behind us wouldn’t slow down to see the beauty!



I ran and kicked up the leaves as I walked through here!! I love walking in the leaves!! That’s the seawall down below, which is on the opposite side of the water from us.


P1070651 I love the ivy growing up the tree’s.



Look’s a little eerie, doesn’t it?


Now, I know I promised no birds, but this was crazy!!! Look at all those birds gathered together. Very weird!!


Was it just bath time??


This is from Prospect Point, looking toward where we live on the North Shore.


Big ships, little ships, and ohhh nooo, a bird!


This is far I could zoom across the water to where we live. See the tall building with the angles in the middle? We are the building to the right of it.


From here to there! I’m actually amazed it picked it up so well!


Below: Standing on a built out platform over the water, as high as the bridge, and other airplane! They always get in the pictures, as they fly constantly back and forth to Vancouver Island.


P1070621 P1070629 P1070627 P1070628

P1070659 P1070613 P1070657 P1070671

Remember….if you want to see a larger picture from these little ones, just click on them and they will enlarge.







Siwash Rock…Below

P1070672 What a great place to be on a nice day!


I had “High Tea” one day here with the Red Hat Ladies. It was delightful!


We are now over at what I think Tom said was “Second Beach”.


P1070648 P1070684 P1070688

This is a huge, fenced in swimming pool. Look at all the clam shells on the pool deck! Covered in them, likely dropped by smart birds in order to break the clams open, so they can feed on the inside.


P1070636P1070635 P1070634

Emily Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) (10 March 1861 – 7 March 1913), commonly known as E. Pauline Johnson or just Pauline Johnson, was a Canadian writer and performer popular in the late 19th century. Johnson was notable for her poems and performances that celebrated her First Nations heritage. One such poem is the frequently anthologized "The Song My Paddle Sings". Her poetry was published in Canada, the United States and Great Britain. Johnson was one of a generation of widely read writers who began to define a Canadian literature.

Kind of an odd spot for a monument for Pauline Johnson, in a dark little corner of the woods!











WELL…I’ve taken you around one small part of Stanley Park. I hope you enjoyed the little trip, with the beautiful colours. I wish you could see all of the 100 pictures I took yesterday!!

P1070691 Colorful Autumn

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  1. Thanks for the walking tour of the park! Lovely isn't it?
    Pauline Johnson is buried somewhere in the park and so that is why the memorial cairn is there. Least that is what I understand is the case.

    While the ivy is lovely, it will kill the trees. We are cutting back ivy off trees on our property. We cut the main trunk in two places and pull it out. Ivy is tough stuff! The Sylvia Hotel is covered and it looks so quaint... but the ivy will crack the mortar and pop off bricks!
    But I love the quaint....

    You'd love Victoria...beautiful older homes and stunning views. Ross Bay cemetery has the who's who of BC's history resting there. They do walking tours in the summer. Then there's high tea at the Empress.



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