Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here we go again…birds, birds, birds!! Ohhh Yawn!!!!

I can’t help it, if some (most days), my walk takes me down past the pond, and the ducks are just so fun to watch and with a camera in hand, how can I not take some pictures, even if, you the blog reader’s are likely very sick of seeing. I promise to change my walking path soon!


I’m standing beside the pond, looking at the ducks, when heard, and then felt this big SWOOSH of wind, and did a bit of a duck, myself! This huge big heron flew not far from my head, and I suppose I surprise him as he did me. I didn’t think I got the shot of him, until I put these on the computer. Nice surprise!!

Here he is as far as my camera would go close-up. One of these day’s, I’m going to remember to take my 35 mm, with the long zoom, and see what I can take, however, it’s not digital, and the pictures would likely sit in my camera for ages, before I developed them.

Wouldn’t that be a VERY WONDERFUL gift for Santa Clause to put under the tree this Christmas!! Wow!!


 The beautiful swans came out today instead of laying under their favourite tree in the deep shade.  Is anyone watching The Tudors?? Just before King Henry Vlll  decided to behead Anne Boleyn, he was watching these two beautiful swans, two very close companions with their necks bent together to form a shaped heart, as they drifted in the water. Thinking he was admiring them, he was contemplating eating them! Next scene, the swans are stuffed, with their long elegant necks still on, only now stuffed like a turkey and he’s eating them!!! Horrible! I don’t think I’ll look at a beautiful swan again without thinking of that scene!


Did you know…..that you can click on the small pictures here and a larger one will open up? If you did, you are smarter than I am, because, I just discovered that!!!

P1070587 P1070589 P1070591

I promise!!!! These are my last duck pictures!!!


P1070578 P1070580 P1070577

Now, come on….this is not a duck!!! What beautiful colours these beautiful pigeons have. Such a friendly fellow..or gal?


Well, that’s all the pictures on my camera for today!

Tom continues to be in pain and waiting for this hernia exploratory operation, as soon as we get the call, which we are praying is soon!  The pain, has him looking very drawn and just not his cheerful and handsome self. Along with the Tylenol with Codeine, he’s pretty uninspired to do very much at the moment, but he did come down to the pond with me today. Then to the Library where he nearly fell asleep in the chair, while I picked up another stash of books to cart home.

Honolulu by Alan Brenner

This is the last book I finished. Story of a Korean young lady to goes to Honolulu to meet her new husband, she has never met who paid for her to be his wife. This is back around the 1920’s. The story brings you up to modern day Honolulu, and I found it really dragged from about mid book to the end. In fact, I skipped quite a few pages just to get it over!

On to something else!!


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