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Stuff! That’s all I have to write about, just stuff!!  The picture above was taken last week on one of our many little strolls. That’s Tom standing reading a sign or something.

Since then, Tom had his hernia repaired yesterday and already he’s feeling much better without the terrible pain he had. The post-surgery pain he say’s is much easier to deal with, so hopefully, he is on the mend! It’s been a terribly, difficult year for him, and a year of worry for me, so as time goes by, we can maybe get back to our normal lives instead of visiting doctor’s offices so much!

One thing about the hospital….usually there are scads of donated magazines in every nook and cranny of the hospital, but because of the H1N1, they have all been removed. I’ve heard they no longer have them in doctor’s office either. I’m now worried about the Library books and if they may end up closing down the Library if this virus, gets up to a mighty roar! I’d be lost without that place!!!


ABOVE and BELOW, are pictures of Horseshoe Bay, where I once lived in my other life! Also, where our Doctor’s office is. It’s a beautiful place on a nice day, but very cold and dreary when it’s not!


Because of two very kind people out there in cyber land, they were able to  help me  find some information of the family history I have been hunting for and had mentioned recently on the blog  I wanted to know when my Grandmother came to Canada, and on what ship, from Belfast to Quebec, with her 5 children to meet her husband. Thanks to Barbara who told me how to place a search and on what program and to Erin who had the program and looked up the information, I now have it that they came in 1924 on the Passenger Ship called The Caronia. Many thanks to Barbara and Erin.

small pic of Caronia

It’s a beautiful day here in West Vancouver, a little cloudy, but very warm. I just wore a light sweater on my walk and it was very enjoyable, as I walked and hummed a little tune. I must have looked happy and contented, because many people smiled in a friendly way! Nothing makes you feel better then a smile!! However, now that I think of it, maybe they were concerned for me. I have a problem with “dry eyes”, meaning they “leak”, when I walk, making my eyes look red, like I’ve been crying. It’s so embarrassing as I walk along wiping away the tears dripping down my cheeks.

Oh was a lovely walk, but I never stopped to take any pictures!! Better get on that eh?

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