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Goodbye, farewell, I’m not sad to see you go!

Well, I’m sad to see what 2009 brought to people with their own trials and tribulations, as well as what we dealt with in our own life.

But, I’m sad to see another year in my life move me closer to old age!!!

There is good and bad in everything!

It seemed every time I picked up the phone this year, it was more bad news, from friends and family. A year full of worry, stress and much prayer was needed as every month passed and another page was torn from the calendar.

Tom was the biggest worry of mine this year, as I could see his health declining and so the round of doctor appointments began to locate the problem. Our calendar this year was filled with doctor, dentist and specialist appointments. Quad-bi-pass surgery in May to be followed by a hernia operation in November and the slow, long recovery, took it’s toll on us both, but luckily, we both have a positive and happy attitude, and I believe, that alone is the most important healer of all.


The end of December brings Tom, good health, much good humour and still my wonderful husband! We have been very fortunate!!

I just hope that everyone who had a bad year,especially, all those in my life, that 2010 brings a happier, healthier and wealthier year and the world becomes a better place!

As I look though all the pictures, I’ve taken this past year, and believe, me, there are a couple thousand, I will store them on a memory stick, so I can look at each one and remember the moment, the feeling, the slice of time captured in pictures, that will always bring a fond memory and a smile to my face, whenever I look at them. 2010 will be another year of memory making and trying to capture it all on a stick!! Amazing when you think of it. It’s a marvelous idea, because, these grey cells are depleting at a speedy rate, so much that it scares me. I just hope, when my mind is almost gone completely, that, when I look at those memories made, those smiles, the feeling and the moment in that time will return, and in my old age, will likely wish, I was back in 2009, and will think it wasn’t such a bad year after all!

We finished up our Christmas celebration at Tom’s nephew and namesake, Tom and his wife and family at their place in Chilliwack. What a beautiful drive!! I tried to take some pictures of the mountains, but they didn’t turn out through the car window. Mountains are never as spectacular looking in pictures anyway. You just lose the magnificence of the beauty.


I couldn’t give you all their names, as most I met for the first time. All great people!!

Our host Tom is on the left, with the black shirt with white stripes and Julie, our wonderful, and so calm hostess, is on the far left in the black blouse!


P1080141 P1080138 P1080136

P1080140 P1080139 P1080133

Above Top: Ken(Isabelle’s husband) with his new panda hat! Darren with his new 2010 Hockey hat, and his pretty wife Lisa, who is a ray of sunshine, and Cindy, who is Isabelle’s children and son-in law.

December 28th, was the end, and the tree came down and gifts put away and the house restored to normal.


I didn’t tell you about the war I had with our Television provider, (no names mentioned here), but it’s was an exhausting battle, and I was the victor!!! Tom sat back and listened to the phone battle, and was amazed at my tenacity, my calmness, yet, MUCH FIRMNESS, as I never backed down for one second, as they passed me on to supervisor after supervisor, and I battled with every breath in me!

But, ohhhhh man, how I hate being lied to, while promise after promise turns out to be just another way to scam the customer! I think they gave in at the end, just to get rid of me!! But, we got out of a 3 year contract they had told us was just a month trial at the beginning and $365.00. I caught them in 4 or 5 outright lies, and had them spluttering to cover it up!

Anyway, it’s all fixed now, except we won’t have TV for both a Sat and Sun in January until the new provider can come and installs new equipment.

Life without TV…..it’s all worth it!!!

That’s it for now…oh yeah….I passed a huge display of PoppyCock today and it was half price and I walked on by!!!

I have a teeny bit of willpower eh?

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