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baking set

Yup, I’ve officially retired from baking!! Why? Because I can’t bake SHIT anymore!!!

There was time long ago in my “other” life, when by the time Christmas approached, the freezer would be filled with all our favourite cookies and squares and a big sign that said in huge red letters STAY OUT OF THE FREEZER, staring in your face as soon as the lid of the freezer was lifted. Along with a smaller note saying, “Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad, and so does your Mother, and these cookies are for Christmas!!” The truth of the matter was, I was the only one that would sneak one or two…as much as I could notice anyway! When company dropped in, I’d proudly fill up a tray of delicious treats to serve with our tea. (We didn’t drink in those days….tea- tottlers until I reached my “new life”.) Having more fun now, but sure can’t bake!

By the time Christmas week arrived, it was help-yourself!! Quickly the tins became empty and the waistlines and rear ends grew!

I’d have homemade everything, like, egg-rolls, different Chinese food, meat pies, fresh baked bread, and Christmas cake and puddings and every delectable goody a mom would make for her family to enjoy Christmas.

Remember…that was “my other life!”

As for this life!

I quit

No, it’s not because I don’t want my husband to enjoy Christmas, it’s because I don’t want to kill him with my baking!!! No..not because of his recent heart problems and my weight problems, but because I can’t bake… I said…worth shit!!

Yesterday, I decided, I’d bake and give cookies on a nice display tray for a hostess gift. Well, all you hostess’s out there that have invited us for Christmas….forget about cookies!! I threw out a couple of batches yesterday, and got so angry, I took off my apron, threw it on the ground and pronounced that from this day forth, if we eat cookies they will be bought cookies!! I am officially retiring!!

I’m just lost the knack!! Nothing I made turned out! I’ve made these recipes a hundred times, but I wouldn’t serve them to a dog with the way, they turn out for me now.

My friend called me yesterday and eventually our chat got around to the baking and she also agreed, that she also has lost it. It’s like that skill, just up and died!

Gone!! I just don’t think my heart is in it anymore. Or because, I’m just sick and tired of baking! Or maybe it’s Dr. Oz, Oprah, and The Doctor’s TV show,that is finally beginning to brain wash me into knowing that cookies are bad for me!

It’s been about 60 years, since I got my very own first cookbook for Christmas, put out by Cocoa, I think. So, it’s been 60 years of baking, well, I think after 60 years, it’s time to retire! All you reader’s out there…..give me your opinion on the Guestbook, located near the top of this page. If it’s not supporting…forget it!!

Enough of my rant!!

Let me tell you about last Sunday when 7 couples of friends, went to see Irving Berlin’s, White Christmas!


I couldn’t take picture’s once the musical started, so this was on the curtain before the show began. None of my pictures of the day turned out too well, but I’ll show you what I can. It was due to flash malfunction!

We couldn’t all get seats together, but if you look waayyyy up in the top right hand corner, you will see two heads…that’s Dianne and Bill. We got very close to the stage, in fact 4 rows from the front. But everywhere in the Stanley Theater are good seats.


Just looking through my pictures and they are so bad, there is no point in placing them on here. My flash was acting up and just wouldn’t go off, but after the show, which was very good, we were all invited over to Dave and Debbie’s for a Italian dinner. So, we had a really fun evening with all these people, and I can tell you that everyone of them are fun to be with! So Dave, Debbie and Dianne and Bill, thanks for planning this fun Christmas event. It got me in the mood for baking, however….well….you know how that turned out!!

This is the next day when I didn’t need a flash!! Tom and I went into Vancouver for some reason…..good Lord….even my memory is gone, as well as my cooking skills!!

I have no idea what this big silver thing is suppose to be but it was pretty!

It was one of Vancouver’s cold and snowy day’s so we bundled up warm…scarf and all!


Some pigeons huddled together to keep warm.


And along came big bad Tom to stir them up!!





 Better watch out Tom, or this Santa will come and get you!!! Original decorated tree, but a little scary!







P1070996 This is our little tree! I guess, I could have straightened the star a little, before taking the picture!

Well that’s my blog for today. It’s a nice day here in West Vancouver, and I think I better get myself out there for a little walk before the rains begin again. See ya later!

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