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P1080022 This morning, I went with Tom to downtown Vancouver, and while he went to his Healthy Heart Program at the hospital, I took off on my own and rambled about the city. I walked though a lovely park, and eventually, I was on Robson Street,and behold…coffee!! I always feel like I’m a bit of a traitor, by entering Starbuck’s, but my throat was parched, and no Tim Horton’s in sight, so in I went!!

So, while I was sipping my java, and watching all the people walking by, and some of them a little on the unusual side, I decided, I’d write my blog then and there and tell you all that I saw!

I wrote the paper my muffin came in, so here goes.

Sitting here in Starbucks on the corner of Robson and ? and enjoying just watching the crowd. It’s a mild, dry day and I’m sitting facing the street, looking over 4 corners and the people going about their business, mostly shoppers, racing here and there.

There is a cute sign on the window that says:


I do remember being a kid, I just wish I could feel like one again, with all that Christmas spirit and excitement, instead of my Bah Humbug self!!

Walking across the street towards me, is a very festive looking person, wearing two coloured  pantyhose. One leg is green, one is red. Oop’s she’s coming in to Starbucks! I wonder if I can sneak a picture!!!


What nerve I have eh? She didn’t see me as I snuck around the corner. I’ve been having problems with my flash not going off lately, but not this time! It went off and lit up the whole place!!! I just slunk back to my seat!!! But, I need blog material!!!! I thought this lady looked very festive!!

I’m noticing many of the people are carrying these big shopping bags. Nearly everyone on the street! See the first picture too..another bag, with a big 50% Sale, written on the side. Where are they coming from?? What am I missing??

An Asian girl of about 24 years old, just came in. These girls are always so pretty, and not more then a size 4! She’s wearing a skirt that cuts off right near her crotch, and stiletto heeled boots that go up to her thighs! Now,if she had my father, she would never be allowed to leave the house!!! However, my father, didn’t have a daughter with that kind of figure, so had no worries!!! Hmmm, look at all the males head’s turning!

A dumpster diver, just came by the window, pushing his shopping cart, full of his treasure’s he’s picked up. They do wonderful at cleaning up the city and recycling. All I can hear is “rattle, rattle, rattle!” He either needs a new shopping cart, or less bottles!!!

Oh my gosh…now, it’s my turn to gawk at something that isn’t looking too bad, if however a little strange, considering the temperature! Here comes a guy down the street, wearing no shirt and short shorts, socks and shoes and a hat!! He has a pretty nice 6 pack going on!!! Is he going to come in???? Drat's…he turned the corner and out of sight!!

Funny thing out here, they don’t wear big coats but always have a scarf on. Everyone seems to wear a scarf. In fact…crossing the street right now, is a very dressy woman in a white coat, with beautiful fur around the collar, a white fur hat, white fluffy gloves and white boots. However, no scarf!! Doesn’t she know the fashion rules here!! One or two blocks down the street there are protesters, with signs that say “Ban Fur!!” Geeze, I thought they quit doing that in the 80’s. I hope she doesn’t turn the corner where they are!! Nope, she’s safe, she went the other way!! She must be sweating inside that outfit!! Pretty looking, but very steamy hot looking, and I don’t mean that in the HOT STEAMY way, I mean it in…sweat, and stinky!!

There is a little Japanese fellow that is sitting facing me. Every time, I look up, he smiles and gives a wee bow.

I bought my very first eyelash curler yesterday, because my eyelashes are getting squashed down with gravity moving even my eyelid over my eyes. I bet he’s noticed my curly eyelashes when I look up and is enthralled. I wonder! I just go back to my writing, but then I’ll forget and there he is smiling and nodding again. Maybe he thinks I’m JK Rawlings, writing a novel, on the Starbuck bag and scrap of paper.

There goes a bus, advertising Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”. (More on that later!) Behind it, is the “Hop on, Hop off bus for tourist to see the city. It’s empty!! I imagine it will be packed when the Olympics are on though.

The street is getting busy as it gets later into the morning. I should get up and on with my walk, looking at all the fabulous window displays. I never go into the stores, mainly because I’m not a size 4-6. More people are carrying those bags I mentioned earlier. Must be a huge sale on somewhere!! Ahhh, just a few more minutes, then I’ll carry on.

Japanese man smiled and nodded again. He’s beginning to freak me out!!! I look down and check to seem if my blouse is unbuttoned, and my boob’s hanging out, but, everything seems to be where it’s suppose to be. Got to be my curly eyelashes!!

As I sit here, I’ve counted about 30 postal trucks, racing here and there. They have a job on their hands this time of year. No time for Starbucks for them!

Oh my gosh…is that William Shatner???? I’m sure it’s him. Standing right outside. I’m grabbing for my camera, but I’m too late. I really don’t like him anyway, so bye, bye William, you’re not making MY blog!!! Missed your chance!

For heaven sake, will you quit smiling and nodding at me!!! Their only eyelashes!! I wonder what he’d do if I bat them at him. I will when I go out and see what he does.

Everyone is chatting on cell phones all around me. I’m overhearing many different conversations. Who need’s friends, when you can get in on other people’s lives so easily!

Very heavy looking security guards just came in for coffee. I think the money truck is parked outside. I always wonder how many are guarding the money and how many need to carry the coffee.

Well, it’s time for me to go. I gather up my stuff, and glance over at my eyelash admirer and again me smiles and nods. I plan on winking at him on the way out, to see what he does, but I chicken out. What if he follows me and how will I explain that to Tom!! I just leave.

What in the heaven’s is this???



This is on the hood!!


The Rear!



The Inside!


I talked with the owner and asked him about his car and WHY?  He gave me a sheet of paper he hands out to everyone who asks. This is from the paper. This Art Car, called “I AM EH”, is dedicated to the magic of art that talks and gives experiences that liberates the creativity of the child within us all to the spirit of being in the moment, a world flowing beyond boundaries into the joy and divinity of the…realized…[Interconnectiveness of the I AM]. If you have the power to do something wonderful..then you should…Smile Eh..Let IT FLOW!!

This is a picture also along my walk…I love this city!!! This is a toad house!!! I guess everyone and everything deserves a house!


This is part of the Giant’s Causeway from Northern Ireland they brought here to Vancouver. If you believe that, then I have this wonderful bridge for sale….going very cheap!!!

Just part of my sick humour!!


Well, I’ll have to tell you about going to see White Christmas tomorrow, as I’m tired, my back hurts and I should really go and curl my eyelashes!!!


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