Friday, December 4, 2009



What a motley crew eh?

Yesterday was our monthly lunch out with Dianne, Doug, Bill, and Tom and myself. Each month, one has to decide on where in Vancouver and area that we meet to try out a different dining experience.

This was Doug’s month to pick and he choose The Roadhouse in Surrey, and what a neat place it was.

Here’s a few pictures I took.

The Blue’s Brothers!

Blues Bro.2

Someone, was very creative when designing this fan!! The walls are filled with memorabilia of another era…the 50’s and 60’s. All the tables were those old chrome set’s that I think we all grew up with.


Horn blower Doug with soft glow P1070852 P1070857

P1070858 That’s me, looking a little happy and crossed eyed!! Look at all those empty glasses in front of me!!

Noooo, they are not mine…just joking around!!

Linda crossed with drink

Newfie rolling pin I laughed at this square rolling pin on the wall.

trouble with square meals Let’s move on to TODAY!! We went down to see the open house at the new and very large CBC RADIO/TV Canada building


Look who we came across!!! The very handsome Ian Hanomansing. What a good-looking fellow!!!

Fans of Ian H


I think all the CBC viewer’s fall in love with Claire Martin, the cute weather “expert?” I hate to call her a weather-girl!!


This is the newsroom, where all the stories are researched and put together for the news/weather hour. Very impressive!


P1070874 P1070873 P1070879

P1070882 P1070883 P1070881 P1070872 P1070889 P1070871

 The News Anchor Desk, with Ian H. talking to some people. The desk points this direction during the day, and at night, it rolls around to show the streets of Vancouver.


We were lead though many hallways and different room, to see all what goes on behind the scenes, which is stuff, I didn’t understand anyway. We were shown all the old equipment use in radio and TV, used years ago, when the CBC came in to being. Interesting at how wonderful the new technology is today.

We decided to call it a day and go for a coffee at the Vancouver Library across the street, where Tom waited and waited and waited, while I searched though books on Irish ancestry!


……..and ate a cookie!

We came home and then off again for a invited visit to see John and Mavis, for some tea, cookies and good conversation.

Now…I’m very tired and going to say goodbye for today!!

have a good weekend

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