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P1070838 Still searching for my Irish ancestor’s from County Down, Ireland! Starting with Lindsay’s from Seapatrick, Drumnascamp, Lenaderg, Tullylish, Knocknamugkly, Laurencetown, Lisnafiffy,all around the Banbridge area.

confused mind

I’m hunting down Edmund Hamilton Lindsay born 1888-1953, Jean, or Jane Isabel Clugston, Aaron Lindsay, married to Sarah Jane Austin in Banbridge (not positive of the date, but around the mid 1800’s.

Samuel Lindsay, married to Julia Hanlon who came from Meath, Ireland and also his father James Lindsay who was a tea merchant. His wife was Susan?

Children: Maggie, Jennie, James



I don’t have the expensive programs to search these people, so spend many hours on the free Library edition, and as the sign above say’s it’s confusing, bewildering, perplexing, and I’m normally lost in even figuring out how to use the site in the proper way, and searching for Northern Ireland, is even more so!!

Yesterday, Tom and I were downtown and driving down through the main section, I could see the mountains and the water, with the fog, just moving up toward the mountain peaks, as I looked down the side streets and was telling Tom what a beautiful picture it would make, so when we got to Stanley Park, he pulled in for me to take some pictures.

Here’s a few to share with you.


How Vancouver!! Mountains, water and Totem Poles


My goodness, those clouds sure are moving fast!!!


 This is looking toward the North Shore.




P1070827 P1070826

These Olympic Winter Game rings are on a barge between Vancouver and the North Shore. They are lit up at night and look very pretty. There is talk of a large cruise ship docking nearby for extra room for I believe visitors and for people competing during the games.




Looking toward the Lion’s Gate Bridge and on the far shore, beyond the bridge is where we live.

P1070831 It sure looks like a dismal dark day, about to rain…and it did!! That’s what it does best here lately!

P1070816 Where did all the people go that, only a month ago, was full of strollers enjoying the scenery? A little cold looking eh?

P1070834 Damn birds, keep wanting to get into my pictures!!!


Heading home now, and out of Stanley Park. Description for this is below. 



That was yesterday! Today, we switched our TV, and computer and phone service provider. They came to install this morning, so we now have for a month, every channel available, then we pick our packages. So, what are we watching? Our same show’s we always watch!! However, we thought we’d be saving money from our old program by about $35.00, but they didn’t tell us, that High Density wasn’t included, which we had on the old service. So after a phone call, we add $15.00 a month for HD! They never tell the whole story, just ramble the pitch to us, sounds great, so we nod yes, and now Tom’s favourite TV program from our old provider, isn’t available anymore!!!

Lot’s to watch now, so bring on the popcorn!!


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