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Laying in bed at 6:30 AM on Thursday morning, I rolled over in bed, opened one eye, and looked out the patio door in the bedroom to this lovely view! I had to pee anyway, so quickly on the way, grabbed my camera, rushed back to the window, before the light changed and took this lovely picture of the Lion’s Gate Bridge, as Vancouver became awake.

This is such a lovely city to live in and there is always a picture of some beauty I can’t resist capturing.

Today, was our day to go out with Bill,Dianne and Doug for our frequent get-together lunches. It’s usually a rule that we take turns choosing where we will eat. What a chore it is, especially with all the wonderful restaurants, that it becomes very hard to choose one. However, it’s not really the food that matter’s, but the company we enjoy the most!

On the way to meet the rest, we got a cell phone call from Bill, telling us that our restaurant choice for the day, wasn’t open!! Ohhh noo!! We usually go online and look at the menu beforehand to pick out what we want to eat, because we all get chattering, and never get to the menu, until we notice the waitress, beginning to tap her toes impatiently!! But, when our mind is set on a certain choice, we begin salivating all the way there in the car, so now we have to do a quick reset to our brain, in order for it not to crash and burn!

It’s no McDonalds or Wendy’s for us!! We eat good food!!! But, it didn’t seem to be too many eateries where we where, so Tom strolled down the street, found a strange looking hole in the wall, with the menu outside, and it looked good, so in we went, and what a delicious meal!!! I can’t remember the name of the place though!


Just look at these two beauties below…..not the two above!!!


 At the end of every lunch it’s become tradition, that Dianne and I enjoy not just a coffee, but a B52!! Three kinds of alcohol in each glass, with the token coffee thrown in! Look at our eye’s as we suck that stuff up!!

How many does it look like we’ve had here!!!


Tom holding me up in a seated position!


Nice clock just down the street, so “click!”


From there, we headed down to Gastown, to drop off Bill and Dianne and Doug. They wanted to see the new Woodward’s building, so we started off home, but got a little sidetracked along the way.

We spotted a movie set, along the way, and I was nosy and wanted to take some picture’s and we luckily found an empty, rare parking spot. I do mean lucky and rare too!!


I asked this fellow what was the movie and how could I get closer to take some pictures. He told me the movie was a Sci-Fi, called Caprica, and is set 50 years before "Battlestar Galactica. (Which is “Dutch” to me!)The fellow working on the set, told me I had to walk practically around the block to get closer, so, off I went!

caprica_smallboxart I have no idea who the stars of the movie stars happened to be.

P1080307 So, here I am down in here and I watch for awhile and see all the extra’s walking around with fedora’s on the men and lot’s of umbrella, and they had just yelled CUT, and I looked up and there was Tom at the top, leaning down watching. So, I figured seeing as they had yelled CUT, I could much quicker get back to where he was without walking around the block again, so I just cut through the middle of it all and went up those stairs!! Tom, was shaking his head at me, and everyone else was staring at me strangely! But, darn it, my feet hurt and they did yell CUT!

He looks like a movie star doesn’t he!! I was a little disappointed I wasn’t “discovered” as I walked through the set,maybe for a starring role. Sci-Fi…yeah….I can imagine the roll I’d get!



See those long sticks…they are hose’s with a spray on the end, and this is a shot of it making “rain”, so waited until the started to SHOOT again to see what happens.P1080317

More water sprayers up on top of a building. The extra’s started to gather about and up went the umbrella’s, as we waited with baited breath to actually see a movie in progress. Not that this is a big deal in Hollywood North, but I’ve never seen a real shooting before, or ever got this close!

P1080328 Here comes the “rain”, and they yell “All Quiet On The Set!!”…..ohhhh, so thrilling!!! Then the big exciting word “SHOOT!”

P1080327 This is what we see!!! Just a bunch of people walking back and forth in the “rain”, with umbrella’s!! Well dang…this is Vancouver, and I see this nearly every darn day!!! We waited for this!!! Then one of the movie guys, came up and told me my camera flash was interfering with their shots! Ha ha ha hah….leave it to me!!!! So we slunk off, when I heard the word “CUT”, and all eyes where on me! Ooops!

This guy below, apparently is the movie star. Anyone recognize him?


This must be his car! It had “CAPRICA” on the plate.


So, we headed on home and these are a few shots along the way.


Beautiful buildings with the sun on them. Looking the opposite direction to the mountains.




 Gosh, they wall papered the art center!!! Not even a doorway to get in!!!!


 Many different little changes around the city as the Olympic Games get closer. We noticed from the car, many new sculpture's and interesting buildings built from different countries. So, tomorrow, if all goes well, we are going to go down and have a look and take some pictures.

I promised Tom to stay out of trouble!


P1080333  P1080334Even the Lions at the entrance/exit to the Lions Gate Bridge are dressed up for the big event with a garland of decorations around their necks.

That’s it for now. it’s almost midnight and this stuff is starting to not make sense to me!!

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