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I feel like I’d like to jump into bed, and cover up my head and forget everything for at least a whole week, without anymore stress!

On Saturday, Martin spent the whole day installing Window’s 7 from Window’s XP onto my computer. He’s marvelous at it and worked very hard at what is not an easy task. So, I’m very appreciative of all his work, but this new program I HATE IT!!!!

Installing Window’s 7, wipes out the programs that are already on there, but with his very good expertise, he managed to save all the old family photo’s and documents, that I’ve been collecting and using for Genealogy which was my main concern.

I just find it frustrating trying to get the programs I use installed, some which doesn’t work with Win.7. I suppose, in time, I will get used to it, but right now, I long for the comfort of my XP., where, I knew my way around, and had it set up the way I like it. If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it, really applies right now.

My Ancestry program is now empty…wiped out, but I knew that was going to happen and was prepared to start all over again, which I will do! A big job ahead.

So, leaving all that behind for the moment, onto my day in Vancouver and what I wrote about while sitting in Starbucks.

First of all, I walked downtown from the hospital, so I could take some pictures of the display up for the Olympic Games. So, here are a few pictures….if I can get this to work!!


I found these “trees”, very unique! I believe these decorations are just plain cups, painted by school children, and hung on bamboo poles, made to look like trees. What a great and inexpensive idea, and very pretty.


031 010 011 013

I’m not sure what the first picture depicts, the second is called “All in the same boat”. The one with wings and close up from below is called “Mother Spirits’, which is my favourite.



017 018 Called “Double Happiness Chicken”, which is colorful and wacky looking!!! I sometimes wonder what goes through these “artists” minds!

Below, is called “Umbilical Cord” the next is “Hideaway”, and the next is “My Homelessness on Coast Salish Land”

020 022 024 026 027

Some of these, I have no idea what they are suppose to be! Art? I suppose so. I guess, I don’t have a head for it! Some is quite neat, other’s….well, like mentioned before….what’s in these artists minds?

028 029 032

If you click on the smaller pictures, a larger one should open.

033 034


042 038 040

043 041 045

Above is just pictures I took, as the City get’s decorated up for the Games.



047 050 051 052 053

Some carvings in rock in front of the Art Center.

So, onward ho to Starbucks!! I noticed this sign in a window and didn’t realize we still had Hippies!!


This sad fellow was sitting in front of the Starbucks, which is directly kitty-corner from the one that had the little Japanese fellow, I mentioned in an earlier blog. I’m sitting at the window debating if I should go across to the other Starbucks, which seem to a have more people going in and out. But, I was settled on a stool by the window with a coffee.

As I walked downtown, I was running to catch a “WALK” signal, and this fellow behind me, said “Run, Run, Run”, so I turned around and smiled, and he caught up to me and asked me for money. He said, I’m not on drugs now, but may need some for later!”

Good thing I can walk faster than he could, because I was GONE!

059060 061 So, I sit down and purvey the scene in front and behind me. Across the road is Banana Republic and Tommy Hilfiger. Nobody interesting is walking past, so I turn around and look at the room and it’s all middle age men in suits and ties. The place is full, and I’m the only female!! Is this an “all boy’s Starbucks?” Well, there goes a open topped tourist bus, with only two people sitting up top and their heads are swiveling this and that way to take in what is really NOTHING to see!!!. These three vehicles drive by..not too interesting!!

062 063

Well shoot!! A postman just walked across the street in shorts, followed by a woman in a heavy coat, mucklucks and hat and scarf!! She must not have any of those hormone’s that produce HEAT to us woman!

I couldn’t get the camera up in time, because, I was having a struggle with one of those delicious, Starbuck special pretzel sticks, covered in caramel and chocolate that I can’t resist. But this one must have been here since the Ark, because it’s difficult to bite and it has my teeth stuck together with the caramel and I can’t get it out of my mouth, so, I have both hands up, gently releasing it, before it lifts my fillings and crowns. Gosh, I hope these men didn’t see that!! I was going to take a picture of them all, but chickened out!

Also, my upper lip hurts from me trying to use hair removal strips before we left. These strips are like super, super, tacky scotch tape! I ripped it off, and ouch..did it hurt, but left all the hair behind, and left my lip sore and showing every crease from my nose to my mouth! I think I need professional help! (So, NO smart comments are needed for you readers to write as to what type of professional help I need either!!!!)


This is as interesting as my coffee break get’s this morning! Pretty boring eh? Time for me to go back and meet Tom who when he arrives is very tired and I’m pretty beat myself. So, we go for breakfast at the Sands Hotel, which is where Roxanne’s friend Gil often is! Delicious breakfast, and a nice place. I left a message for Gil, so I hope he gets it!



073 078 080 081

082083 084 090

Above, just some pictures on the wall. I liked the charge of 2 cents for the paper back in 1929.

Then we came out to the parking lot and this vehicle looked interesting!!



093 094 096

All the names of officers who have died in the line of duty!


The Lions decorated on the Lion’s Gate Bridge.

We are home!!



The End!

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  1. Sandy Komhyr (Kilgour)January 29, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    Linda, how can you say your life is boring. Reading your blog has brought a smile to my face, and laughter in my heart. I can also say I must look at my life a little closer, I think we take things for granted. Right now I am green with envy at the beautiful pictures and your ventures that you share with us.

    Sit back Linda and read your posts and look at the pictures of that beautiful city you live in and the pictures of the past.

    You have a God given gift and I am happy you have chosen to use it to share it with those of us who have never been out there.


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