Thursday, February 25, 2010


red and white cheers

The streets of Vancouver during the Olympics!! It’s a fun place to be! You have to be here!!

downtown Van. at night

The famous RED MITTENS that everyone was on the hunt for. They are $10.00 a pair and the best buy going! I wonder if anyone across Canada was also buying them. I got my pair!

red mittens

No Gold for this guy!! Tom thought he’s take a run down the ski jumps!!

Tom skiing

Inushuck in sun  P1080867  P1080869

This is the Inushuck during the day, and last night while Tom waited in the car, I tried my best to get a picture but couldn’t see my camera settings in the dark and this is what came out instead. I wanted to show the Inushuck wearing a pair of red mittens, that someone stuck on it’s hand. While down there, I was interviewed AGAIN, about the lights over the city. I don’t know if it will be shown but it was the site.

Sky lights and statue

P1080861 P1080846

Tree lights

   Vancouver is beautifully lit up with lights all over the city, although unless walking in some spots, it’s difficult to get parked and get a good pictures. This picture, with the red car, was taken while driving in traffic and I was trying to show the trees all in bloom, on both sides of this whole street, but this is the best I could get in a moving car, and with traffic everywhere. Very blurry, but believe me, it was pretty!! The one below was taken on our walk on Sunday.



Ohhhh Hummm!! Another birthday! They are coming much too quickly it seem! Martin and Joan had a lovely dinner at their home and the whole family was there. Tom was in charge of the camera, and a photographer he is not!!

This is Byron, my step-Great-Grandson!! I need help in my old age to blow out the candles! He calls me Nana.


Linda's 66 birthday at Martin and Joans

P1080854 P1080853 P1080857

Back to Olympics and the one on the left is before the Canadian and Germany Hockey Game. This is Heather, her husband Kevin and Kevin’s father, all in Canadian spirit!!

 lights over Vancouver flame at night from newspaper photo

Our lucky neighbour, across the hall, Stephanie Hughes, proudly bearing the Olympic flame. Way to go Stef!!


Mt Baker in Washington seen from Vancouver P1080832 P1080824 another old log P1080825

   A few more pictures from the other day. The top on is of Mt. Baker, which is in Washington, and we can see on a clear day! It’s a beauty!! The other bunch are just random shots taken on a sunny and warm, lovely day.

These two on the bottom is the artificial skating rink they have up for a few weeks in the middle of Park Royal, which is a village type shopping center where we shop. It’s a cute shopping area. Remember if you want to see bigger pictures, click on the smaller ones and they should enlarge.


Tom’s sister Isabelle, a “Snowbird” flew home from Palm Springs for a weekend visit before missing all the hoopla in Vancouver, so we met for breakfast in Coquitlam with some of her family.

Belle and her son Tom


Belle and her Grandson Mitch. Now, boy’s being boy’s, and I remember how hard it was to get a picture of one of my Grandson’s when they were young, without making a face, this is the only one I got of Mitch without him making a funny face!


P1080835 P1080837

See what I mean!!! That’s his lovely mother Lisa with him, and below is Lisa’s husband Darren making the peace sign,her cute daughter, Samantha in the booth behind, and up front is Julie, Tom’s wife, Lisa, that funny face fellow again and Belle. Julie and also Tom are long distance runners. A very athletic family!P1080838

P1080839 Tom at ihop

Until next time…….


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