Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Jelena and I ventured downtown this morning to join the crowds and see the sight in the heart of the city.

We were not disappointed as, action and fun was going on all about us.

Look for us on TV as we had a camera in our face asking us how we liked the zip line. Of course with a camera in the face, you quickly lose your tongue and it’s “DUH”, as all thoughts leave your head, so don’t expect any intelligent verbal statements if you see it!

By the way….NO, we didn’t ride the zip line!

The weather continues to be beautiful except down in the wind tunnels in the city, we nearly froze! It’s so difficult knowing how to dress this time of the year!

But, it was a party going on, everywhere you looked!


P1080761 P1080765

Many, many strange outfits and painted faces done up in support of Canada.



Faster than a airplane!!



We went to the Bay Store which is the official site for Olympic clothing, and we couldn’t get over the crowds in there, buying up merchandise. Twelve cashiers and line-ups, extremely long. However it was very entertaining as even in the store, much was going on.

Dutch lady

After lunch, we noticed the crowds had increased so much, that it was becoming difficult to move around. It will steadily increase as the day turns to nightfall, so we went over at a good time to explore.

We didn’t get into any of the venue’s because the line-ups were more than an hour long to stand in line, and I’m not good at standing, before, my back begins to give in. Old age has caught up with me, and I hate it!!

We came out from lunch and a huge crowd was circled around this street entertainer and her show was an hour long, and so hilariously funny, we couldn’t walk away, sore back or not! She was excellent, and had the crowd going nuts with laughter at her antics.


She began with interacting with the crowd, and asking where people where from. On this shot, she discovered three young fellow’s from Saudi Arabia, and so jokingly started to show them her ankle, and then her leg, which is something they don’t show there, so the crowd was roaring with laughter. The young fellows embarrassed but stayed put, laughing with the rest of us.

Then she picked out 4 fellows, and she teased them mercifully, and made them part of the show. She had them doing some funny things and she could really have the crowd roaring. She got inside this blue round thing and pieces of her clothing was thrown over the top and out to the crowd.

It was all good fun! One of the fellow’s was an Olympic figure skater from France, Gwendal Peizerat.

Very cute eh??


She was enjoying him too!!! Didn’t want to let go as he dipped and lifted her!


P1080806 P1080791 P1080800

P1080812 P1080811 P1080815


More Street Entertainers.




Great fun!


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