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Well, it’s time for me to stop my pity party and get back to day to day living. I haven’t been blogging lately because of  big upset in my life. About 2 weeks ago,  I had to repeat a medical lab test. It was a kidney function test and the results came back with bad news. I have kidney disease! Boy, I turn 66 and right away, my health goes downhill. However, those that don’t know about kidney disease, it’s not something that happens overnight, it’s a very slow progressive disease that takes years to rear it’s ugly head. Most people aren't even aware they have it until when the kidneys have loss function, much more than mine have.  My kidneys are working at 55% right now, and like I said, it’s a progressive disease. It usually happens if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I have none of these things, so hope progression for me is VERY slow! I found out with my yearly physical. Last year at this time, I didn’t have this problem.

However, I won’t dwell on and on about kidney disease, but I do suggest everyone keeps an eye on theirs!! There are many good web sites out there. Yesterday was Kidney Disease Week and the web site is worldkidneyday

Being as upset as we we’re here, I called my family in Belleville, and scared everyone there as well. It wasn’t a fun time and it took some time to get our heads around it all.

My daughter Lisa, immediately jumped on a plane and her visit was what really helped my heart from feeling like it was pounding out of my chest, as it was just so great to have someone to take my mind of my misery.

So, let’s drop the gloom and doom and I’ll show you some pictures of her visit.


P1080899 P1080900

Here she comes!! First one off the plane! Mom and Lisa in the airport, and too bad she just missed the Olympics!


We did many, many things while she was here. We headed off to Granville Island the next day, taking a bus into town, got adventurous and went places, I’d never go on my own, but I never did have a great sense of direction! We took all means of transportation from a few different route buses, the Olympic line, the Subway, and the Sea Bus and ended back home, extremely tired!! Lisa has been having a problem with her breathing and a very deep virus in her chest that has even the specialist stumped, and have tried her on every medication they can, and it remains persistent, but she found the sea air, the sea level and away from whatever is causing this to be very helpful. Plus, she loves it out here and would LOVE to move to Vancouver! Me too!!



The weather was terrific and the flowers and trees in bloom!! What a great time to visit Vancouver with all this beauty everywhere!

P1080968 Lisa on swinging bridge P1080955

P1080988 P1080997 P1090010

We went up to the Dam, and into Lynn Valley Park. I think we both loved it here!! Sooo Beautiful!!!

My little Mermaid!!

P1090011 The Lagoon at Lynn Valley Park and then to Chinatown! Lisa didn’t care too much for the sights and smells there!

P1090015 P1090028 P1090029

P1090080 P1090053 Lisa is building a new home, so we went to an open house in this house! Very out of our price range!!! This is the outside living room! Fun to see how the rich live!

Then onto see the seals just down on the wharf from where we live. Onto the Dog Park where we met some new friends. I got a kiss from one!

P1090088 P1090090 P1090094 P1090106 P1090109

P1090097 P1090091 P1090111 P1090084

Lisa meets her Step-Sister Meredith and Step-Brother Martin.

Meredith had a huge family dinner to greet Lisa. So many names to remember!!!


P1090112   families P1090121

P1090125  P1090124 P1090117

 Lisa wanted to talk with my doctor and ask some questions, and so here we are in Horseshoe Bay, where Lisa lived for the few months after she was born in BC. This is the first time she has been back since was 0-3 months old!


P1090137 P1090138 Things have changed over the years, since she was here. The SUBWAY shop was once a small sort of motel that rented out little apartments. That is where we lived. Again, very close to the Sea! We took a trip up the beautiful Sea To Sky Highway after having Trolls famous fish and chips!! Delicious!! (Don’t forget to click on these pictures to make larger)


P1090145 P1090152 P1090222

We stopped at Britannia Beach and watched this fellow carving with a chain saw. Fantastic work!

P1090158 P1090153 P1090203 P1090164 P1090160 P1090174

P1090167 P1090224 P1090232

Sadly, the day going up the coast, was rain to cloud and fog, and the mountain tops never showed themselves!

Home again and on the Sea Wall in Ambleside.

P1090241 P1090186   P1090246

P1090247 P1090250 P1090256 P1090251 P1090249

We did many things, took hundreds of pictures, which I’ll show you as time goes on. We laughed, and cried, and just had a marvelous time!! My mood lifted, and ohhh, how I hated to see her head home again. I thought we’d all go blathering at the airport, but it was rushed and busy, and Lisa wanted to do some shopping after going through security, so we said goodbye, and came home to a very empty and quiet house!

Thanks Lisa for a wonderful visit!!!! Love you!

P1090257 P1090259 P1090258 P1090260 PS….She snore’s!!

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