Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The luck of the Irish banner 


St. Patricks hat

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! I’m a little slow getting this out for this very special day and I hope everyone is wearing the green and sporting a wee shamrock!

I started knitting a lovely Irish green sweater for Tom, about 5 years ago. I got the rim around the bottom finished and maybe a little part of one front, and then for some reason, it got put on the shelf and I never took it out again! So, we have a friend who is a REAL knitter, take over and just in time for St. Patty’s day, it was delivered complete with the zipper even sewn in it! It looks fantastic on Tom and he looks as Irish as he is, wearing it.


Above is Mavis, the wonderful knitter and friend!


So, to Mavis and John a huge big thank you! Tom loves it, and I’m hoping maybe I can steal it sometimes!

StPatricksDay little man

It’s a beautiful day here in Vancouver and the window’s are wide open letting in the fresh air. I even got the window’s washed this morning and now feeling a little pooped!! But, we’ll have to get out there and enjoy the day with our walk!

Even the birds are singing and one huge big crow is building a nest in the tree outside this window where I sit. I hate crows!!!

We would have gone out to our favourite Irish Pub, again this year, but Tom’s specialist changed the appointment on us and this was the day. So, instead of doing this, I would have been out singing Danny Boy and other Irish ditties, with the rest of the people who want to be Irish on this day. This Pub is one fantastic place to be today and the line-up to get in the door is 11 am!! I shouldn’t be mentioning this fabulous place on here, as it will be even harder to get in next year!!


So everyone, I hope your day is full of cheer and especially, that the luck of the Irish will be with you!

st pats irish blessing


None of these little buggers in Ireland! But don’t you think after all these years someone would have snuck one in??

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  1. Hi Linda! Best of the Irish to you too! That sure is a green sweater! Love to you both! from Mike McNitsch and Holly O'Hurlburt.


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