Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Birds flying over bridge

Time for our daily afternoon walk, and in spite of always saying we should go a different route, the Sea, continues to draw us to it and remains our favourite stroll.


There isn’t really much to take pictures of, except the scenery, the birds and just being in the beauty of it all.

The tide goes out and the gulls come in, to search for food, between the mossy green rocks. Peaceful, isn’t it?

Seagull on mossy rocksThis new wood lookout, is something that wasn’t there on our last walk, so we sat there and ate out apple in the sunshine. I think this gull was waiting for our apple cores!

P1090321 P1090334 apple_core 


Another nice little alcove to sit. This tree had a sort of funny face on it, but it doesn’t show up well in this picture. That’s the Sea Wall, the lady is walking on.

P1090338 All wrapped up in the arms of a twisty tree!


fish on pole

This marks the spot of many of the streams flowing down the mountains to the sea, and also from the fish hatchery, where the baby salmon will come down to begin their long journey to wherever they go!

Below is a fish ladder.


Spring! Love is in the air!!


I wonder what kind of tree’s these are. Knarly looking eh?



P1090348 P1090349  P1090352

I don’t know what these two plants are in the first two pictures, but they make quite a show. Very pretty!

We had left the Sea Wall, and beginning out walk back home and passing this Art Shop, I took a picture through the window of this picture of Vancouver in the mist, with the Lions Gate Bridge peeking though. I didn’t get the whole picture, but it has to have been taken from an airplane or from up on British Properties.

P1090350 Today, we left at 10:30 am to meet with Doug, Dianne and Bill for our monthly lunch “somewhere different”. Each month, we take turns picking a spot and away we go. Someone suggested The Old Spaghetti Factory, in Gastown. I haven’t been to The Old Spaghetti Factory, for about 25 years, when we’d go to the one in Toronto. This one here is missing the wall to wall, HUGE organ that was wonderful fun, when the organist played everyone’s request and had the house clapping and cheering with each fun song played. The one here, has the old trolley car, and beautiful stained glass fixtures and decorations and so very pretty when the sun came through the windows. The food was just as good!!

First some pictures I snapped as we walked after we got off our bus.

The Vancouver War Memorial. This is where, before the Olympics began, and the Olympic flame was trying to get through, protesters blocked the whole area, not letting the flame carrier through, until it had to be re-routed in another direction. It was kind of sad, as the Veterans, had gathered at the Memorial to meet the torch bearer as they went though, and of course it was pouring rain and not much respect shown to the Vet’s. Tom was livid! I think the protest was against homelessness, but not sure! Funny, how we all remember the incident, but not the cause!


P1090356 P1090358 P1090355

Some interesting architecture from another era. Many trolley lines crisscrossing, which mess up my pictures!!!

Below, is the old steam clock from 1876. As it was coming close to 11 am, the steam was building, so I waited until the hour to see it blow steam. Very NEAT!!!

P1090362 P1090363 P1090367

This statue of a man all tied up and on an odd looking horse was in a shoe store. I had to go in for a picture.


Strange, and sort of gave me the “willies!”

P1090375We are the first to arrive, so I had time to take some pictures before it got crowded.


P1090377 P1090395 P10903871

I liked this lamp! Just bulbs with glass coloured grapes wired to a bulb. A little tacky, but here, lovely!

 P10903941 P1090393 P10903793 P10903851 P1090382 

P10903892 P10903801

One more of our party has shown up! Hello Doug!! Tom and Doug, worked YEARS ago on the Fire Department.


P10904021Look at these handsome fellow’s. For once, they never took a picture of Dianne and I, knocking back our tradition of a B52, on our outing!! The one they served us here was REALLY GOOD!!!


Doug, checking out the inside of the Trolley! He’s such a WONDERFUL person! I’m trying to play cupid and find him a companion worthy of him!


P10904071  Doug and Dianne, checking out another interesting sculpture on the street. I love to look up at these old buildings, because, always hidden above a doorway, or on the corner of the building is always something interesting to find that again, was from another era.P10904081

P10904091 I couldn’t resist this cute little guy in a store window!!


We’ve all shared our stories, some good laughs and some fun teasing, not to mention, each of us leaving with a VERY FULL, belly!!

We kissed our GOODBYE’S until next time, and each went a different direction. Bill and Dianne to do some sightseeing, Doug taking the Canada Line (subway) and we made our way to the Sea Bus and then switched to a bus to take us within a block of home.

A fun day!!!

Pictures taken through the window of the Sea Bus, as we got closer to the North Shore.

P10904151 P10904121

See you on our next venture out!!

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