Saturday, March 20, 2010



Can summer be far behind?

Winter has been a season that never happened in Vancouver. How lucky to have El Nino in our favour. We’ve enjoyed mostly all warm beautiful weather for all of 2009 right through until now. Granted we did have some cold spells and the expected rain, but it was all worth it!

spring birds

Yesterday, we spent nearly the whole afternoon walking along by the Sea Wall, and what an enjoyable time, as we took our time, brought along some apples and we sat on a nice sunny bench in the warm sun, munching happily away on them, just enjoying the afternoon, people and dog watching and just enjoying the scenery.

Retirement is really fantastic, it’s the getting older that stings!!

Look at these big turtles on a log in the water, enjoying the day also. This is where I take all the duck pictures, and had never seen the turtles before, so I quickly whipped out the camera that I carry everywhere!

turtles zoomed This dog, had just dug a huge hole and dropped his ball in the hole and sat on it like he was nesting!

I think he was about to get a pail of dirt thrown on him by the little boy!

Boy and dog in sand

robin pulling wormThis is the duck pond we pass by on our walk, that I can never resist the pull to see what’s going on with the swans, ducks, cranes, and now turtles. Look at that view with the mountain in the background and on the other side of the pond is a golf course. So beautiful!


All my buddies of course came to greet me and have their picture taken.


crane zoomed Lots of dogs having fun in the water.

P1090314 Another ship heading out to, who knows where! The mountains in the distance is Vancouver Island.



Looking across to the Vancouver downtown.


We headed on, until we came to Park Royal our closest shopping center, and stopped at Whole Foods for a coffee to enjoy outside, watching the crowds, and then on home again, another way, with more benches to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

Today, is another beautiful day, so another walk in store for us. We have to get our exercise!

Lisa, got me interested in decorating show’s on TV, and I’ve been sitting here doing this and watching them since 7 am, and now it’s 10 am. I think I need to move!!!

See you later!

bear walking away signifying THE END

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