Monday, March 29, 2010



The windmill of my mind! Oh my gosh, where am I going with this blog today? I’m sitting here with my trusty laptop on my knee, which serves another purpose then just being a computer, which is that, it keeps me nice and toasty warm!

As I think of something to blog about, I’m watching Rachel Welsh on Oprah, telling the world how wonderful it is getting older. All I can say is BULLSHIT!!

Granted, it does have it’s good points, and I know MAXINE, our favourite cartoon character, could come out with some good ones, that I feel the same about. Such as….

Maxine 1

That pretty well sums it all up!! It’s not really patience I’m worried about, it’s the whole dang package that comes with ageing! I guess, I’ve been feeling on the depressed side lately with finding out about having kidney disease, and I just can’t stop worrying about it. Which, brings me back to the windmills of my mind, spinning out of control with too many thoughts of what is pretty much the unknown, until my appointment with the Nephrologists  in July!!! So very long to wait!!!! My mind is on a constant whirl from reading too many kidney web sites and the more I read, the more my mind  spins and  the more I worry!

So, okay, I can hear all you readers saying “Just quite reading!!” I’ll try!!

Oh well, quit your moaning and groaning Linda and get on with it!

Yesterday, we met for breakfast with Tom’s sister, Isabelle and her husband Ken. I love getting up and going out for breakfast on the weekends! Such a nice start to the day! Such great company!!


P10904221-1 P1090423  


Now, this following picture is of a fellow, I’ve seen around quite often, and he dresses in this very strange get-up. I was very bold, in sneaking out my camera for a shot of him. I’m being some what of a paparazzi type person!

He looks like he’s wrapped in a spider web, and I wonder how he manages to get into that outfit without getting all tangled in it.




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