Thursday, April 1, 2010



Happy April Fools Day!

I think the world needs a day to just be silly, pull funny, practical pranks, jokes and hoaxes, not to mention a giggle over those fake news headlines that sometimes scream “GOTCHA”, by the end of the story, when we realize what day it is and that we’ve been HAD!

I’ve played a few in my time and been the recipient of many! It’s great to laugh and so beneficial to ones health!! So, I hope everyone found their humorous side today and enjoyed a giggle.

Not only can April 1st be a fun day, but it also was a joyous day, long ago in 1940, when my brother John came into this world, to bring to all of us that loved him then, and the far to few years to follow, much joy and love.

Today, would have been my big brothers 70th birthday!

What would it have been like to have him in our lives now, is something I wonder about.

John Guttin passed away at age 48 on March 1st, 1988

If it’s true, our souls are still around when we die, then, wherever you are John, you are missed and loved.



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