Saturday, April 10, 2010


As many of the reader’s know, Tom will, once in a awhile, begin the day, telling me to get ready, as he’s taking me on another mystery tour. I never know where we are going, but, I know it will be fun!

This is where we ended up, at Queen Elizabeth Park. A beautiful place, at 501 ft. above sea level, so the view over the city and of the mountains is spectacular!

Queen Elizabeth Park is the second most visited park in Vancouver and holds within its perimeters some of the most beautiful public gardens anywhere. Its recreational offerings are diverse ranging from sporty to horticultural and include golf, tennis, lawn bowling, disc golf, an extensive outdoor arboretum and the indoor Bloedel Floral Conservatory.

queen elizabeth park Look at those mountains in the distance!







Dancing waters are fun to watch.


P1090647 P1090646 P1090644-1


P1090641 P1090642-1 P1090640

Remember, you can click on a smaller picture to view it larger. It’s just so beautiful here and much to see. We’ve been here in the summer when everything is in full bloom and it’s breathtaking!

I wish I could show you ALL the pictures!

These are statues and the photographer as well. I quickly snuck into the picture!


P1090637-1 P1090639


The Conservatory is one of the most popular attractions in Vancouver and is open daily, rain or shine.  It is dedicated to the wonders of the natural world with an emphasis on plants and birds. As a matter of fact, over 100 birds of various species call the Bloedel Conservatory home and free-fly within its spacious dome.

Sadly, there has been talk of closing this wonderful conservatory, with much public outcry as well. I hope the public cry is loud and furious so this fabulous place can stay open!

Soon as you enter, it’s humid, lush and very green and the birds are singing and flying about.


It’s like being in a jungle! Look at the size of those ferns!




 P1090539-1 P1090550 P1090555 P1090557

There are little streams full with colourful and huge coy fish. This is one of the cute little bridges,you cross over.



P1090548-1 P1090586 P1090558

P1090551 P1090552 P1090553

P1090564 P1090565 P1090561




P1090573 P1090574 P1090576



P1090598 P1090594-1


I turned around, and nearly stepped on this birds tail! It was right smack behind my foot, unafraid and not in any hurry to run off. I don’t know what kind of bird it is. He wasn’t talking!! But so beautiful!! I wonder if it can fly with that huge long tail!




P1090624  I took about 145 pictures yesterday! Got to love these digital camera’s! I wish I could show you all of the pictures, but maybe next time.

On the way home, we stopped for something to eat, then headed on home.

Another fun mystery trip!!

No mystery trip today…we are off now for our walk, but the camera is always in my pocket!

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