Thursday, April 8, 2010



Vancouver has been the windy city lately!! Howling wind in the night, with the trees, bending dangerously over and the rain pounding on the windows.

It’s wonderful to wake up with the wind howling and blowing  and being able to snuggle deeper into the blankets, with the feeling that all is well.

However…it hasn’t been that great for a few people!

These picture are not mine, but from the Vancouver Sun!


Apparently, these boats had moored out in the ocean when the storm came, because only a few days ago, their lease was up and not renewed at False Creek where they had been safely moored.

Some boats sunk, power was cut off, and construction sites had much damage.

Quite a night!!


Waiting for high tide, and hopefully will help get back into the water.


This happened on Sunday, while driving through Stanley Park. Winds reached up to 70 Km/hr, with gusts up to 90 Km/hr. We also had a mixed bag of cold weather, freezing rain and hail.



We’ve had these winds for a few weeks now, and what a drastic change from the weather when the Olympics where on, when  the weather was beautiful and summer like!




 We are back to my pictures now!

The mountain from our window has fresh snow on it and very pretty!


 The wind calmed down a little bit this afternoon, so I walked down to the Sea Wall to have a look at what I thought would be huge waves rolling in, but it was much calmer then I thought. As I walked through the park, I did get showered with the odd branch and twigs, and glanced up a little fearful at the way the trees where bending over.

The wind was still strong enough that holding the camera still was difficult!

Here comes some big logs, from who knows where their sea journey took them from, to beach up on shore here.





This is when the wind had calmed down! Some times in the middle of the night, we can hear the big roller’s crashing on shore. What a lovely sound that is!!

Doesn’t this picture look cold!!! Brrrr!



I met Tom at the Library, “our home away from home”, where we enjoyed a coffee, read the paper, picked out a book for Tom and surprised him, when I came home with NONE!! I already have half the Library books at home as it is, and trying hard to get them read!

This little street is one I love, as it’s lovely looking in the Spring. It’s not quite up to it’s full beauty with everything in bloom yet, but I’ll take another picture when it’s a mass of colour. 


We picked up some fresh made sushi for our dinner tonight. I turned up my nose at it when I first moved here, but do like some of it now. Still haven’t been able to try the raw fish one’s yet!

And that was our day!!

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Roxanne!

I love you Sis, and wish you all life’s wonderful things to come your way!

birthday tulips

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