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Yesterday, while Tom and I drove home from our monthly afternoon with our good friends, Bill, Dianne and Doug, I got thinking of this picture I had taken earlier of an elephant’s eye. (More about this later) A tune kept running through my head and I had to reach way far back into my memory to get all the words. I would sing a few words, think about it, start from the beginning, until the brain cells cleared and clicked into place and after many repeats, was sure this was how it went about a line in the song about an elephant’s eye! I was sure it went like this!

“I asked my mother for fifty cents to see if the monkey could jump the fence. He jumped as high as an elephants eye, and never came back ‘till the 4th of July.

Tom kept saying NOOOOO, the song of the elephants eye, came from the music in Oklahoma!

So, after driving  him nuts on the drive home, with not only my disagreeing with him, but having to listen to me sing this song, over and over again, as it slowly came back to me, I said I’d prove him wrong and me right!!!

So, Tom, I looked it up and YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

It’s from OKLAHOMA and the words are:

“There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow,

The corn is as high as an elephants eye,

An’ it looks like it’s climbing clear to the sky.

Oh what a beautiful mornin’,

Oh, what a beautiful day

I got a beautiful feelin’

Ev’rythings  goin’ my way.”

My song, should have been:

“I asked my mother for fifty cents

To see the elephant jump the fence

He jumped so high

He reached the sky and didn’t come back ‘till the 4th of July!”


Ahhhh, so you have more culture than I have!!!

Now, back to the beginning of this day!!


OZARK’S was our place of choice for lunch today, and it was delicious!

Tom, Dianne, Linda, Doug, Bill


We’ve all finished our lunch and the guy’s have had a few beer’s and Dianne and I on our traditional B52’s and having fun!



Don’t let those coffee cups fool you!!!!



 Well, those B52’s went down pretty good and after a feast of ribs, we got a little thirsty! Then we discovered none of these guys, could take one good picture of us, so we made them take it over and over until they got it right. They never did get a good shot!!!


No wonder I sang about an elephants eye, on the way home eh?

Now, back to the Elephant!!!

We stopped at a beautiful garden center before heading back home and this is where the elephant comes in!


P1090750 P1090752 little_pot_with_flowers_copy_bigger

Beautiful huge big elephant!! Beautiful gifts and plants at a place called “POTTERS”.


There was so much to see, and take picture’s of, but the manager told me politely, that I couldn’t take anymore pictures in there! So, I had to quit, and I’m still doing them a favour by mentioning their store!! It’s in Langley….I think! I never know where I am half the time!

This big statue was outside the store!


So we went off to Sears, where I looked for my favourite summer shoe brand called, “Grasshoppers”. My two girls, used to call them “Gramma Shoes” because my Mother wore them all the time, and now here I am wearing them, and I bet one day, they will also!!

So comfy and difficult to find, if you don’t buy them up QUICK!! Only a few places sell them and Sears is one of those places. I love my Grasshoppers!!


We said goodbye to everyone and away we went off home! Between Dianne and myself, the conversation, was constant, fun and sometimes hilarious….as usual!!

Over the “mighty” Fraser River


Taken from the moving car!!

P1090759When we left in the morning, we had to be down in the elevator before 10 AM, because all power to our building was to be off until 4 PM, while BC Hydro, installed a new pole with all the bells and whistles that go with it! This is the stage they where at when we arrived. The big three condensers or whatever they are called are still sitting on the ground! So we knew we’d have to make the big climb to the 7th floor. 


This is a Senior’s only building, so in the Lobby, quite a few residents, sat patiently waiting for the workers to finish, and some of the gal’s more then a little irritated! I think the poor Hydro worker’s got more then one or two complaints about the elevator not working and no way for them to get to their condo’s.

But, Tom and I made the climb, huffing and puffing and got to sit and watch them work from up here!

They never turned the power back on until 8 PM!! As long as I got to watch Survivor, I had no worries!! Otherwise, I might have been hollering at them too!!!

Russell, has this Survivor show SOOO interesting!!!! Ya hate him, but he sure knows how to play this game!!!


Finally up, goes the condensers…or whatever they are called!

Now, it start’s to rain!!! On went the raincoats, then out came the sun and off went the raincoats!

P1090772 P1090777 P1090799

And out came a great big and beautiful RAINBOW!!!


A little wet but the end to a beautiful day!!


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