Monday, April 19, 2010


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 Well, let me tell you a story! This is the true story of a wonderful man, who just  the day after  we all went out with Bill and Dianne, Tom and myself, to enjoy a wonderful lunch, he looked like this! This is Doug!  Remember him in some earlier pictures of our lunch out?


Now, to continue….Do you recognize this man below?

Yup, it’s the famous Dr. Oz!!

Well, one morning last week, Doug, was watching Dr. Oz on television, giving some wonderful advice, that Doug remembered and wanted to put into practice!

Dr. Oz told Doug, that when he’s out walking to walk FAST to get the heart rate up, so his walk would be more beneficial. Walk tall,with head up and concentrate on breathing!

So, out goes our Doug on a fast walk

and…followed Dr. Oz. advice!

Dr. Oz

This is what happened to Doug as he walked faster to get his heart rate up! Doug’s heart rate went  SOARING about the same time as he tried to bury his head into the sidewalk!


man falling1 


A nice lady ran to his rescue, and called 911,and along came all the bells and sirens blaring, to help Doug, as blood poured from his face and hands all over the sidewalk.



Of course, the crowds gathered!


Apparently Doug, looked MUCH worse before the “clean up” picture was taken after the Doctor at the hospital looked him over and patched him up. Diagnoses: Broken nose, many facial stitches, and 4 broken knuckles on his left hand!!! Plus a little sense drilled into him, to look out where he’s walking next time!!


I have already finished this blog hours ago, however just a few moments ago, Doug sent me new pictures, so I’m going to insert them here!

Beware: Not for the weak hearted!!!

Doug and doctor 

Doug before clean up

Very swollen already! Poor Doug!!!! Stitches, broken nose, and VERY angry at himself!!!

Doug a hard fall

Every knuckle broken! Again, we send our love Doug and wish you a speedy recovery!!

Dougs hand

Really though Doug, we are terribly sorry about your accident, but just remember that sometimes scars on the face, makes a man very mysterious and sexy looking!! We are just hoping that you heal fast and the bruises disappear quick. Plus, the aching you feel from every bone in your body, goes away soon and you are back to normal again!

get well soon flowers


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