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230 ft above the floor of the Capilano Canyon, and a 450 ft. span. It’s a little scary at first, then you reach the middle as the bridge sways and moves with everyone walking across it. Pause to look down and marvel at the view. Clear water rushes far below, streams cascade down the canyon walls, gravity defying trees cling to the vertical drop.

Breathtaking!! The last time, I was here was back in the 1965 when I was expecting my first daughter. I return many years later with my daughters son, my Grandson Matt and his girlfriend Erica.  What a thrill for me it is! It’s certainly much more beautiful then I remember as there is so many more attractions, such as eco tours, treetop adventures, totem poles and much more!P1090982



P1090971 P1090977 P1090993-1



P1090991 P1090988  P1100024

P1090995 P1100034 P1100037


So many places to go and wander on lovely groomed trails, and LOTS of stair climbing as you go higher than the trees! The trees are HUGE!



P1100010 P1100043 P1100025 P1100006 P1100011 P1100023

P1100033 Erica is such a Sweetheart!!!!


Some of the creatures of the forest!! How would you like to come across this one!! It’s just a large model, so don’t say….”I’m never going there!!!”


P1100030 P1100029 Just models!!!

Something prettier!!!!!


P1100041 Recognize anyone?

P1100042-1 P1100039 Erica signing the book before we toured the gift shop. Then to thank my friend Helen for the free tickets she so kindly gave us and then on to our next venture.

Stay tuned!

Notes of interest:

Since 1889 the Bridge has welcomed millions of visitors. The Bridge was originally suspended on hemp rope. Today’s bridge uses 2” steel cables capable of supporting two fully loaded 747’s!

Treetop Adventures, built in 2003, uses non-intrusive steel collars specially engineered to securely support platforms and bridges without harming trees.

Each Treetop Adventure bridge is supported on 1” cables capable of holding 100,000 lbs.

I felt quite safe!!

Opening in a few months will be a glass platform that you can walk out over the river below. It will be breathtaking!

Cost for a visit is $30.00 per person. Worth it!!

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