Friday, April 30, 2010


Meet, my oldest Grandson, Matthew and his cute girlfriend, Erica, from Ontario.

Down at the Pier, as the first cruise ship of the season, heads to Alaska.


I’ve been a little slow getting out a blog lately, and figure everyone is soon going to give up on me, but on last Tuesday my company arrived and it was so exciting to have them visit. So, we’ve been busy exploring Vancouver’s nooks and crannies and just having fun.


P1090920 P1090936

We we’re down at the pier at the end of our street, and from there wandered on along the seawall, through Doggie Park, and I had to show them the pond with the birds.

P1090939-1 P1090940-1

We found our way by bus into Vancouver and made our way to Granville Island, touring and enjoying the sights, food and entertainment, then headed back to the downtown and shopped at some stores, came home by the Seabus, toured around the Quay in North Vancouver and before we dropped from exhaustion, headed home. How in the heck did my Grandson, get so tall!!! We used to measure back to back to see who was the tallest! No contest now!

This is Merlin the Magician that did some amazing tricks with us!

He asked Erica to think of a number and she picked 5555 and 1/2 and he wrote exactly what she was thinking. He asked me to think of a colour and thought “yellow”, and sure enough, he guessed yellow! How did he do that??



We’ve made our way down to Canada Place or “The Sails”, and heading toward the Sea Bus.

P1090965 Beautiful Dogwood Trees, and everything out in bloom. Such a fantastic and lovely city.



Finally home, had dinner and off Erica and Matt went to the mall at Park Royal for some shopping. Exhausted Grandma, headed to bed! Tom refrained from this excursion today.

Another day coming next!

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