Saturday, May 1, 2010


May Day

Before I get on with our latest adventures with our visitors, I have to tell you what I think of every May Day and when I worked in Belleville. We had this fantastic boss that we all loved named Ron, who usually on May Day would saunter out of his office and say to his staff, “The birds are singing, the grass is green and it’s time for us to all be treated to a lunch at Club 213!”

These lunches, meant so much to his staff and we had so much fun with him , that I wonder if he really knew what a joy to work for him really was.

So, to Ron, if you should happen to ever read this, I wish you a Happy May Day!!

Back to our visitors, my Grandson Matthew and lovely girlfriend Erica.

This is at Prospect Point in Stanley Park. It was a beautiful day, however we just couldn’t get rid of those clouds that prevented us from taking a drive up the Sea to Sky Highway to see the top of the glorious mountain and sea scenery.


 Would you look at Matt…he shaved of his little beard!! Looking good Matthew!!!



 Vancouver’s Provincial flower, the “Dogwood”, and a view of where we live….way over there!


Tides out, and Siwash Rock (on the very right hand side, below the cliff.( Note:


About 32 million years ago, a volcanic dike formed in the sedimentary rock that forms the foundation of the park (sandstone and mudstone). Magma was forced to the surface through a fissure in the Earth's crust creating the basalt stack, which is more resistant to erosion that the softer sandstone cliffs. Siwash Rock is the only such sea stack in the Vancouver area.[1]


Siwash Rock


 Erica and the Laughing Men


P1100092 P1100093 P1100101

 Matt was surprised at palm trees in Vancouver!



Lovely flowers everywhere, but look at that dark sky!! Time to head home, but off to eat  first !

Matt is treating!!

P1100098-1 P1100104 P1100102

 Saturday, up late, and off to Horseshoe Bay!


 Oh Boy! Does history repeat itself here!! My daughter Lisa, was born here, and here I am with her son, my Grandson!

So many years ago!! (Gee, we look the same age…hahahahah!!!)





We then came back to Ambleside, but dropped off Matt and Erica on the Sea Wall between Dunderave and Ambleside, and they walked to Park Royal Shopping Center to shop. They just came home with many bags and very tired. I think we are in for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, we’ve been invited out to Tom’s family for dinner! More pictures to follow!

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