Tuesday, May 4, 2010



It seems like yesterday, when I took this picture of my Grandson Matthew and his girlfriend Erica, arriving at the airport. I was rushing to greet them, so it turned out blurry.


We had a great week and fun visit, and kept busy most of the time! The rest of the time, was spent recuperating our energy for the next adventure!

The very last day, Erica and I took in one more Mall, before we were invited to dinner, to meet the rest of my husband’s family. Tom’s son Martin and his wife Joan, got everyone together for a delicious steak dinner and was it good!!!


I can remember back to my first time and meeting this wonderful family, and how uncomfortable meeting a whole lot of new people can be, so I did feel for Matthew and Erica.  We’ve all been in the same situation eh?

However, this is a very down to earth, easy family, so they do have a knack at making you feel right at home and Matt and Erica soon fit right in.


Look at that wonderful bowling form of Tom, and look where the ball is heading! STRIKE!

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 A little bit of loving and snuggle with Great-Grandpa and Byron.P11001351

So, it was home early, time to pack and get to bed, for an early morning alarm clock to announce it was time to rise and shine and head to the Airport. Matt and Erica had to return to reality, fly home and get back to their summer jobs before returning back to College.

I came home and followed their plane leave on Flight Tracker, on the computer and we both missed them as they flew miles away from us!

It was a fun time spending time with them and COME BACK SOON!!!


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