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A special yellow rose for my mother.

My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune.

Mom with rollers img033

My mom and I on a shopping trip to Toronto, back in the late 70’s. I love this picture, as I can remember the day so vividly and the fun we had. Also, because I looked so thin back then!!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, up there on a cloud somewhere, smiling down and knowing that today and everyday, you are and always will be in my heart!

Mother’s Day in Vancouver, started out with an invitation to my Step-Daughter, Meredith’s for brunch.

On the way, we ran into this:

Sun run from newspaper

Thousand upon thousands of very healthy Vancouverites, out for a 10 K run! 51,419 registered for 2010 Vancouver Sun Run!

We got held up in traffic for awhile, until another route became available and away we went!

P1100189 The we got held up again when we got mixed in the middle of a movie being shot. Lot’s of trucks and camera equipment everywhere, but hard to take pictures from the moving car.


Then past this lovely little house that Tom wanted to point out to me, with a sort of thatch roof. Very cute!

cute house

This next picture is sent by a relative of mine whose son, just had this house of his thatched. Lovely!!

thatch house side  Look on all that decorative thatch work!!! Amazing!!!

thatch house

Okay…I got a little off track here, but onward ho to brunch!

As usual, a delicious array of great food! This is Meredith and Dave. Meredith (my step-daughter), just took two quiche out of the oven and Dave (Meredith’s husband) is frying bacon.

P1100196 This is my other step-daughter in law, Joan and her little Grandson Byron, who brought me, his Nana, a bunch of flowers!


Martin, my Step-Son, in on the left and his son-in-law, Kevin on the left.


Tom’s Granddaughter Heather, who presented her Mom with a special Mother’s Day Gift, which I’ll show below!


Heather sneaked in her Mother’s card, the little note at the bottom! A NEW BABY IS ON THE WAY!!!!!


Dave and myself! MANY years, pounds and wrinkles from the earlier picture!! Ahh but what wisdom I’ve gained!


We went out for a walk after brunch and saw this WOMAN washing her HUSBANDS truck!!! Doesn’t she know it’s Mother’s Day for heavens sake?


Another neighbour was whipper snipping around his hedge and heard what sounded like a bird in there, and suddenly a little baby rabbit appeared. Apparently there where a few of them, but he very gently placed this one back in the hedge.

So tiny and so cute!



P1100225 Byron on monkey bars Byron and Meredith going down the slideOff to the park so Byron could play for awhile and we could sit and enjoy the sunshine! What a lovely day!!

I went to take a picture of Heather and this little green leprechaun suddenly jumped into the picture!! Either that or Heather ate too much brunch!!! She’s suddenly very large!



Then we took a little stroll to this lovely little pond behind some houses! What a great backyard to have!!


P1100227 P1100228 P1100231

Can you find the duck?


P1100233 P1100236 P1100242

Meredith and Mickey the SUPER DOG!!

Having a rest!


Byron, trying to hold his smile while he says “CHEESE!”



I love the above picture but love the one below more!


Time for Byron’s afternoon snooze, so kisses for everyone before he leaves.

P1100247 P1100248 P11002531

P1100250 P11002461 P1100251

I’m nuts about this guy!!


My Step-Children….what a wonderful family I married into!!


These very appreciative flowers are from them, and I sure do count my blessings for these people!!

It was a lovely Mother’s Day, and I hope it was for everyone out there today!

My daughter’s Lisa and Erin both called and it finished off a perfect day!



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