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AH HA!!! I've just been back from a lesson from Apple store and I MAY have figured this out, so that I can continue with my blogging. There is so much I don't understand with this new MacBook but, I'm slowly grasping little bits at a time. big attempt to add a picture!! Here goes!!

OMG...I did it, but can I do it again?? That was tougher than I thought! It just takes a while for the picture to show. I really miss my old program that did much more then Blogger. I could put frames around the pictures and other things, but this is the best it gets for now folks!

This as you likely guessed is Tom and I shopping for the Mac.
Now, I'm trying to take you back to Father's Day Photo's. Wish me luck!!

This is exhausting!!  
This is all the fathers and some of their children who celebrated Father's Day at Meredith and Dave's home. Those who know me, will by now know who everyone is and those that haven't looked at my blog, it will just be faces and names won't matter....right?
Dave, his Dad and his two daughters to the right.
Tom (the Chief Honcho of the 6th people to the left of the above picture!)

Well, I made a boo boo and can't figure out how to move this picture down a little. It's been so long since I used Blogger to do this, I always used Windows Live Writer, which I loved, and then moved it over to Blogger. Can't use Windows on a Mac but they are working on it, and I'll be cheering when they finish making it!! I may have to go learn Blogger's new features all over again.
The picture above is of Shannon, and myself. Shannon is my second cousin who lives in Victoria. I have never met or knew of her existence until we both ran across each other while doing genealogy on the internet! What a lovely surprise!! She's a wonderful person and she and her two children Emily and Patrick came over for an appointment and we all joined up for lunch! I hope many, many more times together will be in the future. We had much to talk about!!!
Emily, such a sweetheart and Tom is too of course!
Patrick (cute eh?)
These are our pets..Two crows! I can't believe we have made friends with these birds I've always disliked so much, but, we have and they come around, cawing at the window when they demand we come out and feed them. They have a baby that has just learned to fly and is also making the flight over from the tree to the balcony now for treats.
They have been our entertainment and much fun to watch. I was bent over laughing when the baby flew the first time from the nest and landed in a low tree nearby. Everyone who passed by was bombarded, as the parents dove down to scare them away from the baby. I sat on the deck and howled with laughter!! Gosh, sounds like I don't have much of a life eh?

Yesterday, I had a cortisone shot in my toe, which I had done years earlier, and it hurt so much then, I asked if he'd amputate instead!! Didn't work...I got shot! Actually, it didn't hurt all that bad, and only a few moans and groans escaped my mouth! Chicken Tom, couldn't watch!
I broke my toe three months ago and it still hurt terribly bad, so it was time for drastic action. So far, so good, but the Doc. said give it about 5 days for the pain to go away. I can't wait!!

I was going to show you a story on a bear in the area that was killed yesterday that had gone into several homes, when nobody was home, opened the fridge, had himself a feast, ate a tray of brownies, and gotten into a cars console where candy had been, and just has made himself a very big nuisance for a few weeks now and the police have had many calls, but couldn't catch him. I guess he had to break through a window or big deal for these BC bears! But, I managed to copy the story, but now it says my computer won't support the file, so I give up on that one!!

So, that's my blog for today. Some success, but I need do some reading on this site, or go look for another place to blog from.
Big long weekend here and everywhere in Canada, and lots of big things going on here in Ambleside. A huge outdoor concert with Sarah McLaughlin and Cheryl Crow which we will hear from here if the wind is blowing the right direction. 
I'll be back with more cursing and swearing as again, I attempt to put some of my pictures of Canada Day from the West Coast on here.
I'm hoping to go home to Ontario sometime shortly after the 19th of July, after my appointment regarding my kidney problem.
I'm so sorry to all those I haven't answered mail to. Fabrice, Linda A, and many more...I'll be with you shortly. This has been consuming my time so much lately!! I'm sorry!!!
Bye for now!

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