Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, it's my second and last try at doing this blog on the Mac. If this one fails me, I'm going back to my PC, until I figure this out. Right now, my patience is running very low. Mac's are simple to use they say....yeah right!! Unless you are a bonehead like the picture of me, posted above!
I went to one to the Apple classes, a group class, on learning the Mac. The instructor had 6 people around a round table, with his large Mac facing us. He must of thought he was running a race, as he went through the features, clicking so fast our eyes couldn't follow what he was doing. I asked if he'd slow down some and everyone else also agreed he was going much too fast for us to take it all in. He did slow down, for about 3 minutes and then his pace picked up again and I think while he had slowed down, I picked up one thing, which I can't remember now anyway, after being bombarded again with a zillion other things he was "teaching" us. We all left after the session with very blank faces, and our notebooks for notes, all empty!! Who had time to take notes!!

After nearly 3 months of agony with what I thought was a broken toe, and it still might have been, I'm not sure what it was/is, but finally went to the doctors. It's as sore as when I first stubbed it!
He said it was something else, brought on by the stubbing, and when he pressed on one spot, I could feel it right to my hip. So, the dreaded cortisone needle was whipped out and injected into the base of my second toe. I think he did it more then once as he kept asking if I felt it in my hip again, but no, I couldn't, I was in such pain, I could only focus on one thing and that was not flying through the roof!! OUCH!!
So, hopefully in 5 days, it "may" be gone, otherwise, I hop onto the table for another shot! I'm bringing a silver bullet to bite on this time!!

Father's Day, was lovely for Tom, at a lovely brunch at his daughters. (Okay, here's the point that doing this blog gets dicey! This is where I lost the first post this morning, and this is my second attempt to do it again...add a photo.) If it works, you will get this, if not...adios!!

Well, I went to my PC and went to this blog, typed a few words and my PC died!!! I tired to revive it, but NOTHING!! I am NOT having a good day!!
So, this Saturday, I have my second class, and hopefully they will show me how to do this with pictures. Nothing I do is working.

Just wanted to let you know, we are alive and well and extremely frustrated!!! Just to let you know how much of a bone head I really am, let me tell you the latest books I took out of the Library.
1.MacBook Portable Genius
2. Switching to Mac
3. MacBook for Dummies
4. Macs for Seniors
I just can't seem to focus on them and I'm a better hands on visual learner. No wonder I did poorly in school!!
So, this ends todays blog, because I don't have any idea what I'm doing!!
Hang in there with me...hopefully the best is yet to come!!

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