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It’s been awhile since my last blog as my creative zone is up and gone! I’m stuck as to what to write about!

I have plenty of random thoughts throughout the day, that I think would make for good blog content, but can never remember them, when I sit down at the computer.

I got a little note from someone anonymous the other day, saying my writing was good and he/she reads my blog every day, but I’m not writing as much as I was, which was disappointing to them. OMG what guilt! I really didn’t think anyone cared!!!


Even though Tom takes me on these wonderful “mystery trips” around Vancouver, and I get to see so many fun things, I still think I need a change of environment… a trip…hint, hint to Tom.

Last Saturday, Tom and I began a big clean-up of the deck. Actually, it began as just a simple pick up and vacuuming, but it ended up instead, with a major job, as we removed very thick vinyl panels lining part of the deck railing, installed to cut the wind. They are incredibly heavy, and re moving them was an exhaustingly hard job, with much grunting and pain! My fingers kept cramping and I was left with many bruises along my arms.

So, we got that part done and the rest got a lick and a promise we’d finish another day. It took us hours and we had none left in the day as well as no energy to finish.

So, the next two days, we could hardly move with all the aches and pains everywhere. Even typing hurt, if you can believe that!! Plus, my toes that I broke or damaged still have me limping in pain and making me plain miserable!


Last week, we did go out for lunch with Martin, Joan, Heather and Byron to a mall in Richmond. Amberdeen Mall  is an all Asian mall, and very nice, but you can save a fortune in airfare, if you want to go to China, by just going to this mall.  We went to a great dollar store called Daisco, that has fabulous items, although it’s more like $2.00 and up, but great quality. Two floors of fun to stroll around and look. My basket filled up quick!

Here’s a few pictures from that day.

Byron and his Grandpa


Aberdeen Mall is very big, and VERY Chinese and Chinese writing dominates, and the stores and clothing is beautiful, but not for my size!! Everything is size 0 to 6 it seems!

In the center is a large pool of water with dancing water that is beautiful to watch as Elvis music plays. What is lacking in the mall is places to sit and watch the water show.


P11005851 P1100584 P1100581

Beautiful decorations! We looked at this car, but the colour just wasn’t right for us!!!


We decided to go to the Food Garden and we’d all choose what we wanted to eat. I’m not use to this type of cuisine, and couldn’t find something I really wanted, until I found a White Spot, which is all Canadian type food. Hamburgers!!!!

The rest of the gang was more adventurous!


P11005411 P1100545

I had permission before posting these pictures! Thanks guys for being good sports!!


Dessert was a mound of ice cream with fruit all around it! Looks good eh? Byron looks ready to tuck into it!

His first bite was a little COLD!! Ice cream head pain???



P11005591 P1100564

The bowl is getting empty fast!!!

Man at the wheel!!! Just 14 more years Byron!!


P1100575 P1100576

I’m not sure what these are, except they look like replica’s a strange birds. Tom spotted these on our way home.


P1100592 P1100591 P1100590

Speaking of birds…the two crows that we have been making friends with and getting quite friendly with, had an upsetting morning. Their nest is on the roof of the building next door and there is maintenance going on in that building and two men were on top of the roof, disturbing the birds nest. Talk about a fiasco and the poor birds in a panic. The baby bird, flew (probably for the first time) over to our balcony and landed on the railing. Seagulls also had their nest up there too and between the momma and papa crow, worried about the baby, there was certainly a whole lot of crowing and cawing going on! I went out and without thinking, waved away the baby crow! Meanwhile I’m getting dived bombed by the other’s. The baby flew over to the ledge of a building across the road, and the parents couldn’t find him. I knew where it landed, but the parents couldn’t find it and I think they thought it was on our deck. So, I was getting swooped and dive bombed and crowed at like crazy!

Finally they spotted it, and when I wasn’t looking, they got it to fly over to the tree right beside our balcony, on a branch opposite the railing. It’s been sitting there on a branch all day, and the parents feeding it. So, I’ve been worried about the darn thing all day. Do you know, I’ve always HATED crows!!! I can’t believe I’m making friends with this family!!

So….that’s it for today, I better go check how this baby is making out!

Tomorrow we go to lunch with our lunch gang! More news tomorrow.

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