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We woke to the sound of pouring rain, which has been quite usual a sound to wake to these days. It seems the main topic of conversation lately is how horrible the weather is.

How I long for Ontario now!

Today was the day for our monthly lunch out with Bill, Dianne, Doug, Tom and of course, they let me come also! We take turns choosing a new place, which you would think in Vancouver, would be an easy thing to do, but it’s always a dreaded time, when it rolls around to be your turn to pick the next months spot.

This was our turn and next month….Doug, your up!

Tom choose a restaurant called The Elbow Room, which turned out to be quite different with really delicious food.

We heard the rumours and what you need is a thick skin to be insensitive to criticism or insults when you enter the Elbow Room. All in good fun of course!! The staff will yell at you, tease you and embarrass you and rib you without remorse.


Apparently, Hilary Swank, Chad and Rob Lowe, Tom Selleck, Goldie Hawn and Kirk Russell frequent The Elbow Room and have food on the menu, named after them.

I wonder if we’ll get a dish named after us?? Doesn’t Doug look fantastic after his accident!! Pictures shown on an earlier blog of that horrible fall he had!!


Dianne and I ordered Chicken Quesadilla and it was delicious!


Bill choice was a Spicy Beef Burrito that he said was really good!


 Tom’s perogi’s in sausage, onions and sour cream, went down in a hurry. We all had a side dish of delicious clam chowder too!



Doug stayed healthy smart and ordered a delicious looking Veggie Sandwich, full of avocado, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and mayo, and also a bowl of soup.



P1100620 Sure look’s like everyone is enjoying their food. I love this picture of Dianne. She has such a natural beauty about her! 



One thing, I’d advise The Elbow Room is have on hand, the alcohol to make a B52! All poor Dianne and I could order is a coffee with a shot of Bailey’s. But, it was a GOOD shot!!!

Gosh, this is a TRADITION!!!



 Oh! What’s this? They look so serious!!!!



Dianne and I agreed, this is the part, we can just ignore and let the men handle!! Thanks guys! 

P1100629So, another fun day, with wonderful, fun friends and great conversation….especially about Bill seeing a ghost!! I believe him too!!!

When we left, up went our umbrella’s, as it was pouring harder then it had been all day! Just a plain, miserable weather day with everyone walking all huddled against the pouring rain as we jumped puddles and avoided getting splashed by passing traffic.

raining with cats and duck

We took the bus over and back and it was great, as it’s quick, easy and no waiting.

We got off at the end of our street, right at a new bookstore that has just opened. I think it’s the nicest store in Ambleside and our first time to take a peek inside. It’s really a nice store, called

The Ambleside Book Barn


Fun, Funky and Fabulous!! I can’t wait to explore it more!!


P1100643 P1100637

Look at that cute seat made of books! How original!!


P1100633 P1100635

I’ll be back!! I LOVE bookstore’s!!P1100641


So much to look at!! I wonder if they would like to hire me just to be there!! For a small fee of course!!

Meaning…CASH..TO ME!!

Update on our crow family that we’ve made somewhat friends with. The baby crow, has been stuck in the Dogwood tree, all night, stuck on a thin branch, under the cold rain. At 4 AM, I woke to a bunch of frantic CAW CAW’S, and I knew something must be after the baby, so off Linda went to the rescue, having NO idea what I was going to do! But, whatever it was had been chased by the mom and dad and the baby still sat perched on the little branch. So, feeling sorry for them, I opened a can of Tom’s sardine’s and put it out there for them to feed the little one.

It’s been on that branch all night, all day today and is still there!! However, I read the biggest predator to birds that fall from the nest, is other, bigger birds, seagulls, owls and people who try to be “do-gooder’s” and save them. So, I guess it will either fly to someplace safe and dry when it gets tired of being there. The parents are still feeding it though.

Dad, has a mouthful of popcorn here.


Is anyone still watching the Eagle Cam at Hornby Island? The baby is so big with monstrous size feet! It’s been fun to watch since the baby was born, but it’s ready to “fledge” sometime in mid July!

eagle face

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