Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I've been goofing off blogging for awhile, and the next couple of weeks may be hit and miss, but I'm still working at writing blogs. It's July and holiday time and , many things going on and no time for it all.

Let me see if I can fill you in on everything and show you a bit of this and that!
Our weather here is lousy, still not up to par with the kind of heat I like for summer. I'm still wearing a light sweater when I go out, however big promises of into the 80's the next few days. So, I'm hoping but with the mountains, and the sea and this front coming in and that front moving out, I don't rely on the weather forecast too much! It is what it is!!

Can't complain about a lovely full moon though!!! The lights on the Lion's Gate Bridge is called "Gracie's Necklace"

Life with the new Mac computer is coming along slow! So is my mind!!! But, as I keep slugging away at it, sometimes, something will work and I'll have an AH HA moment that I'm finally getting somewhere with it. The problem is that I usually forget just what I did right!

I'm still taking a one on one class at the Apple Store, but unless I write everything down, I forget it as soon as I leave the store! I'm hopeless. But it's a fun day, and we usually have lunch over there. 
This fellow was sitting in the food garden across from us! I wonder what work of art he was making!
We all need a hobby eh!

Canada Day here was VERY cool and we didn't take in too many events. Lots of little things going on for kids and picnics by many hearty souls, in the park. A big concert with Sarah McLauglin was going on outdoors, but we could hear it if we opened our bedroom window, but again it was too cold for that! I never got up to even watch the fireworks! Boring is my name!!

The Indian native people happened to be going by when I was out on the deck and took this picture of them. I wasn't close enough to see, but I remember them making an offering to the Spirits of food and giving thanks. Unless it was just a bunch of rower's going by!
Ohh, how I miss my other program for doing this blog, that a Mac won't support!! It takes the fun away of doing this and the pictures don't show up as nice. I've got to figure out a different way!!

Speaking of the Native Indians around here, did you hear that they want to re name the Jewel in Vancouver's Crown.... Stanley Park? Get this...they want to change the name to Xwayxway!
Apparently they have the right to change it. In the Eastern side of the park is a place called Lumbermens Arch, which is a 1st nation burial ground and village, for the Tsleil-Wawtuth, Masqueam, and Squamish tribes before 1887. It was renamed in 1889 for Lord Stanley, the Governor General of Canada. (I copied this from the newspaper, you don't think I knew this stuff eh?)
But, I do imagine, like in Canada with signs in French and English, Stanley Park will have two names on the signs, old and least I'm guessing at that. That should confuse the tourist....I'm confused and I'm writing this!

On to a new subject!

Last night we went for a delicious dinner at Isabelle and Ken's place in Coquitlam. She serves such delicious appetizers, that we dive into like we've never eaten before! Then Ken cooked wood planked halibut on the BBQ. Oh man was it good! Then Isabelle put a fruit salsa on top, served with a kind of rice, that I can't remember the name of, and asparagus.
Our hosts preparing our plates, while we salivated, watching them!

Ken serving the plates

Looking good eh! Yummmmmy!

Fresh Strawberry Pie for dessert! How much better can it get!!!!
After dinner, Isabelle and I went for a walk to a very pretty little park, by where she lives, and they have this huge bee. Isabelle say's that flowers are planted in the bee and by Fall they come out in a reddish/orange colour like a bee. I'll have to go back and take a shot of that!

This is something I've never seen before...a bee house. I hope the next photo's are big enough for you to read, it's quite goes....

Quite interesting, don't you think! I've never heard of this type of bee before!

On we went through the park and some beautiful scenery.

Again, I see a nice picture like this and can't make it bigger on this program! Damn!
Strangest thing just happened! This picture opened extra large, but none of the other's would and it's the same camera setting!!!  Too bad that ugly red building is in the background.
Ah Ha!! I think I just figured this out! I need two clicks!!! Hang in there with me folks, I'm still learning this #$^%%## program!
A mommy and some babies swam past but I wasn't quick enough to catch them.

Not my best pictures, but it was pretty cute to see.

Lovely picture of Isabelle! Thank you Belle and Ken for a wonderful day!

I've downloaded Skype and my daughter who bought a new computer and wasn't a computer convert until she has her own computer, connected with me tonight, and what a thrill to see her and my Granddaughter, Sarah, almost like being there!! Love it Erin, lets do it more often!!!

Note: To a person who comes in without leaving a name, and says they read my blog all the time, and gives a little, non offensive little critique on the blog now and then, I want to tell you that it gives me a little giggle at your short little notes. You are never mean, or I wouldn't post you little messages, but keep them coming, you give me honest feedback and make me try harder to make the blog better. Just remember, I'm still learning on this new computer and not use to this program.
How's this one??

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