Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My blogs are getting farther and farther apart it seems, but it's summer and so many things to do, so please have patience with me and don't give up. However, this will be my last blog until I return from holidays on August 3rd.

 I'm going home to Ontario!! So, when I return, I'll have lots to show you and tell you about!

Today, we had our monthly lunch with Bill and Dianne and Doug and ourselves, at a place called Caffe' Barney. A small little place, but with good food.

Dianne and Bill had Butter Chicken. It looked delicious!

I had turkey and melted brie on a bun.

I'm not sure what Tom ordered but it looked good!

I think Doug had a vegetable dish of some kind! 

Anyway, we had fun and good laughs. For heaven sake, I can't believe, I forgot to take a picture of Dianne's and my traditional B52 after dinner drink!! But, we had gotten into a very quirky conversation and I was laughing so hard, I nearly choked, so I guess that's why!! I swore to Dianne, I wouldn't mention the conversation on here!!!

Oops!! Bill time! Time for Dianne and I to head to the washroom and let the guys handle this! They do it so well!!!

Another nice photo of Dianne!!

That's our fun for this month. Each of us has to pick a spot for the next lunch. It's Bill and Dianne's turn to pick a spot next time, and Bill has invited us over for smoked spareribs!! We had them another time at Bill and Dianne's and already my mouth is watering, just thinking of how delicious they are!

Our weather hasn't been the nicest for this summer, but yesterday, it got very cool and terribly windy!
I took the following pictures of the waves in the Ocean. Don't see it like this very often!
We had fun watching the birds trying to fly in the wind! They'd fly a bit forward and the wind would catch them and they'd fly backwards!
We are easily amused as you can see!

It's not all bad weather...we've gotten some days of heat!

Well, whatever everyone is doing, I hope your summer is going spectacular!!!
I'm anxious to head home to Belleville on the 20th and visiting with family and friends. It's always such a short time with so many people to see and it can also become a stressful time, trying to fit everyone in for a visit and chat!
 I can't wait!!!!
See you when I get back with pictures galore!!!! My camera will be going all the time!

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