Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Kids response!


Parents across the country, are giving a sigh of relief today as their little darlings return to fill their brains with the value of education and with that, hopefully, many wonderful memories to recall fondly many years from now. New friends, new events in their lives, teachers, and those wonderful, spectacular, cheering bad weather days that cancel the buses, allowing the students to sleep in and stay at home!

Ooops, forgot to mention HOMEWORK!

Things have sure changed since I started school for the first time. I can remember starting kindergarten if you can believe that!! Can't remember what I had for dinner last night, but can remember many things from way back then!!
How about you, can you remember your first day? Or even your childs first day?

Funny thing, when I think back to each of my daughter's beginning school for the first time, I cried! Especially when my first daughter began and of course the camera came out, and the pictures  taken from behind a tear soaked lens pointed at smiling Lisa. She was decked out in a pretty outfit, from new shoes to ribbons in her lovely, long blond hair and her lunch pail in her hand. She was so excited, especially with the lunch pail, as that was the most exciting thing for her at the time. She wanted to be like the kids she watched in the neighbourhood, that carried lunch pails to school.
I was so proud, so full of wonderful expectations for her and after I waved her goodbye, I came back to the house and cried!
Second child, Erin, same thing! New outfits, picture's taken, words of encouragement given, while I am watching her, as she's full of excitement and so anxious to board the school bus, while inside, I felt both joy and such sorrow, and the tears flowed as the bus went down the road with my baby aboard, taking her away from me.

Now, back to my memories of MY first day, I had the new clothes, I was fearful, no pictures, and certainly there was no tears from my mother!! I was a third child, so I suppose she was more relieved by that time, to get us all away for the day! Roxanne, her 4th child, I hate to tell you this, but she had you at the school door at 6:30 am!!! I think I remember her singing and dancing all the way out of the schoolyard!
If I recall, the words to her little jingle went something like "I'm Free, I'm Free, Tweedle Deedle Dee!"
Some of the things I can recall vividly is where I sat in the room, my favourite instrument for playing in the "music band", which was the cymbals. I loved to bang those as hard as I could and often! We didn't have "band days" too often though. I think I know why now! I guess the teacher didn't recognize any hidden musical talents at all in her classroom, and the little red-head girl was giving her a headache!
I remember weaving bands of paper into these little placemats and proudly taking them home. Story time, cutting out pictures and that dreaded "sleep time!" We had to lay our blankie's on the floor and have a nap! I wonder what the teacher got paid for us napping? Her sanity, likely!!
All wonderful memories! In the older grades, when they handed out new text books to each of us students, I would deeply inhale like a drug, the smell of those new books. Remember that smell?? I still get that memory when I open a brand new book for the first time. I also still love notebooks with lines on the paper.

Anyway, enough of this, time for me to go make dinner. But, before I go, I bet you are wondering, if I ever learned anything! I did...lots and lots of wonderful things and I'm still on that learning quest! So much to learn and so little time!!!
I only wish, I knew then, what I've learned about how important an education is today!
Don't we all eh?


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  1. ha Linda,I loved school,started at 4&1/2, left 2 weeks after my 15th birthday.Have excellent memories from those days even met my first missus (whom I still have contact with)would love to go back for a week xx


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