Saturday, September 4, 2010


Poor birds! Don't look too happy do they! I think they know what is soon ahead and they may be dreading that long flight south to warmer weather!

Ewww, they really look terrified at the thought eh?

Can't say as I blame them, but already there is a change in the air! The days don't have that blast of heat, when we all longed for air-conditioning, to cool us off. Mother Nature must get tired of our complaining ways and say's to herself "I'll just cool these darn ungrateful people off, all right! So then it happens......

need I say more! Except, get your woolies ready!

Until the leaves begin to fall, and the glory of another season begins, meaning, that glorious autumn with all her pictorial splendour arrives, let's relish in Mother Nature's gifts, before the horrible season arrives, of heaping piles of snow and storms, shovels, and aching backs, scraping windshields, not to mention those costly heating bills arrive at our door! 
Got you all as sad as those bird pictures eh?
But, look on the bright side...decent television programs!
Also..giggle....we don't have those conditions here, we just need an umbrella!

I think those birds have the right idea in going south! It sounds like the only sane thing to do! It's the getting there, that's so painful, which is the same as we humans flying south, albeit in a much more comfortable way, but, it's the getting there that is so hard. The planning, packing, airports, long flights etc.

Dam, Damn, Damn..I just gave my head a shake! Why am I writing such drivel about problems of humans flying south when I'd give my eye teeth for a winter vacation myself!  Here I am, having been dropping hints all over the place, and then I write such nonsense!
Maybe this alone will be another big Tom? Along with that shiny big travel brochure I just threw on your desk? Eh? Eh?

Well, to change the topic, let me tell you about the delicious and very fun time we had at our monthly lunch group with Bill, Dianne and Doug and ourselves.
Usually, each month, we each  take a turn choosing a place in Vancouver to dine. 
It as Bill and Dianne's turn but instead of going out to eat, they invited us over to their lovely home for lunch. Wait until you see these pictures of what what served. You will soon start to salivate!

Will you just look at those ribs!!! Cooked to perfection! Great job Bill!!
Bill cooked them in a Smoker Pot. He said it took about an hour and half to cook these 4 great slabs of ribs.

It was a beautiful day, so we just sat around on the deck, chatting, while the ribs smoked away. There was no smoke coming from the smoker like you would think, it just sat quietly in the corner, cooking our dinner. I think I'd like one of those....then again, I hate cooking, so maybe not!

Here's Doug, in something I tried different with a photo and faded the sides. He really looks good after his relaxing vacation in London, England and Scotland.
Doug is working on a blog of his trip, so, when it's finished, I'll link it on here, so you can also see it.

Doug is such a wonderful person, we MUST find him a female mate!

Because of those pesky hornet, we ate inside, and what a delicious feast. Dianne's meals are always delicious! Both Bill and Dianne are terrific host and hostess.

What a beautiful person Dianne is, both inside and out! She is so much fun to be with, and conversation never lacks, nor does the laughter.

B52 coffee's? You bet!!! You can see we put some bad influence on Doug this time!
What the heck, it's only once a month!

Time to head home and look at that a traffic. However it was around when everyone is heading home from work, so we hit a busy time. I was snapping photo's from the car, so they aren't the best!

Plus, loads of construction along the way to also hold us up. What did we care...we had full and very contented stomachs, after a great lunch!
Quick shot from the car window.
Quick shots from car window!

Almost home now. Tom always tells me to head toward the mountains and I'm heading home in the right direction.

Another change of subject!

If you haven't heard on the news lately of the big sockeye salmon bonanza that's hit our water's, and of the fish jumping out of the water like it was popcorn popping as there are so many salmon this year, they can hardly keep up with the catch, then you haven't read the papers!!

For years, many of the fish processing plants around BC have been closed, because of the terrible lack of salmon. This year, it's crazy with the fish being caught by the boatloads and the processing plants are having a terrible time keeping up. So the commercial fishermen are selling their catch to the public at various docks, with many people lining up, to pay the low sum of $20.00 per fish to stick in their freezer and enjoy this great bounty while they can.

Now, here's my big news. Yesterday I...little old me....myself alone, filleted a huge big salmon! Didn't do a bad job of it either, although it might have been less hacked up if I had sharper knives.
Would you believe, we have NO pictures of it!!!! I was busy doing this, while Tom was delivering a fish to a friend, so I was on my own.

It would have been quite a picture, as I had taken off my top and put on my full apron, over my bra! I wore rubber gloves, until it was just too slippery for me to hold the fish, and then I went bare handed, chopped his huge head and tail off and away I went.
I did have my lap top sitting beside me, with a video running, showing me what and where to cut next, and I managed to get the back bone out intact!

So, what's for dinner tonight? Salmon filet with nice little potato's and a salad.

One more change of topic!

I got the results of my kidney function and all is well. I should live to a very old lady before it bothers me.
All is well!

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